On independence: I grew up in the thatcher era no apprenticeships in my area ( I had to move ) dad out of work huge dole queues , hope villages out of work , yop schemes to mask actual unemployment numbers , places in Scotland that would qualify for third world grants and we produce oil . Let’s give our kids a great future let’s give Scotland the future it’s history commands .

That’s the era I remember too.
I had to leave too and I’ve felt like a lost soul since. Coming home next year. Leaving your homeland should be an option, not a necessity. Scotland’s future generations deserve better!
Let’s make it so!

@RoodVanDeZoot My boys were the YTS gen. employers were supposed to double the wage but didn't. Same kids were counted as adult earners for Poll Tax. a lot of kids got thrown out family homes cos of it. Esp if had a step parent who was 'not keeping another persons wean'

@TenaciousV it was a Tory ploy to sell to the electorate while poverty was rife in Scotland . Hell pure hell and depression for many parents . While our resources flowed straight to wm . Fucking sick

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