It’s comin’ yet, for a’ that. We can get out there and meet it along the way, and speed our journey to ! Happy 2020 Scotland.

Brexit Scenario 31st Jan.

UK leaves the EU.

Scotland leaves the UK.

Scotland joins the EU.

Brass plaques and businesses flock to Scotland to get a foothold in EU.

Scotlands economy prospers.

England suffers years and years of recession.

I’ve never posted a photo here so I hope it works.

Starring Bob as Joseph, Fluff as Mary, Ra as the wisest of men, and Katkins as the baby Jesus. (No offence intended)

Merry Christmas to all of Scotland. Next year, we regain our independence.

For anyone who may not have noticed, it appears the moderators have been getting a hard time from some of us Scots. As far as I can see they are trying to make sure this stays a friendly & welcoming place for everyone. If they disapprove of a comment you've made. Accept it & try not to give them grief & post it on twitter instead. I'm sure we can all do that 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

In theory, if Dumfries was to host an event in the spring, which included reenacting their historical burning of the Articles of Union, would Indy community be likely to help crowd fund for hire of town centre stage/insurance etc? The idea would be to show our history of opposing the Union, highlight our many links to the Wars of Independence, address cross border questions and promote benefits of returning to independence.

🎄 That's it folks: I am off on my Christmas travels. Might bump into some of you as I trek around Scotland.

Have a blessed Christmas and a happy New Year. May this be our last under the boot of Westminster.

I have no idea what I’m doing but that’s nothing new. Hoping to find lots of the lovely folk I also follow on Twitter.

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