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Pick any Country in the World of similar size and population and compare it to Scotland,
some eg.
Food & Drink.
Tech Industry.
Fishing Sector.
Bio Tech.
Then add,
Then add,
AWESOME folk who live here.
Then get back to me about us being 'Too wee. Too poor. Too stupid, to be Independent.'

H/t - C Roberts(Tweets from an occupied Scotland)

"Ireland, a population around the same size as Scotland, without oil - GDP in 2017 was 331 billion dollars.

Scotland's somehow, with more whiskey, meat, fish, and including oil - was around a third of that.

Someone is not telling the truth, Westminster, or Dublin."

You decide.

If that's not on a yes image already then it should be 👍

Ian Blackford MP Quizzes Johnson on his "Undemocratic, unacceptable and completely unsustainable'' position, which his colleagues admit to in private, and also his 'contempt for Scottish democracy' regarding

"The time has come for Scottish Independence. With a referendum denied by no fault of ours, we must seize the moment and take the Independence for which they will not let us vote."
How do we do this I hear you ask?
Westminster Cannot Block Scottish Independence: - via:@CraigMurrayOrg

SAT, 11.30AM: AUOB #IndyRef2020 MARCH
If you can't make the Glasgow event
WATCH #independencelive LIVESTREAM with feeds from all march cams here:
LISTEN! To a special radio show with commentary, chat & music online at or via the #indyliveradio app for Android or iOS
#ItsTime #BecomeTheMedia

Nicola Sturgeon, Skottlands førsteminister: Internasjonalt samarbeid om ... via @YouTube

Have you pledged yet?
"The Scottish People versus The UK Government on ".

QC is Aiden O'Neil the same QC who took on the Prorogation case.

ALL monies go direct to the Solicitors IF they hit the target.

You ask about a 'Plan B', well here it is!

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