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Every single time the media reports on Ian Murray the first sentence should be. SCOTLAND'S ONLY LABOUR MP Ian Murray ..........

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Hey folks,
how's everyone doing?
I've not had a chance to be on here much.

Watch "'THE UK HAS TO BE DESTROYED' - So says Craig Murray, Author and human rights activist." on YouTube

Watch "Nicola Sturgeon, Skottlands førsteminister: Internasjonalt samarbeid om de store utfordringene" on YouTube

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18/ Journey’s end. Left Paris 07.20 ➡️ Arrived Copenhagen 23.05. During that time there was about 2.5 hours spent in stations, 2 of them because of a delay in Hamburg. In fact, the real losers on this trip to Paris are #DeutscheBahn – losing a sleeper car on the outbound leg and the cancelled Hamburg/Copenhagen train was really poor from such a huge company. Will it dissuade me from using Eurorail again? No. There’s too much at stake for our climate.

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