Reminder of one of the main reasons for our demand for social housing to be brought back to Collina St. If private housing is built it will be gobbled up by the private landlords and be totally unaffordable for local people as has happened in Partick, Finnieston, Thornwood and Whiteinch. Living Rent is at the forefront of the campaign to fight this in The Valley and the rest of Scotland!

We had another lively meeting tonight.

In the next week we should be making big progress including with paving around the bothy, building some raised beds for gardening, anbd more artistic happenings at the weekend.

Here't a little video graphic a supporter made, using a photo taken at Collina Street

A group of local artists are getting involved at the bothy, testing out the concept for an isntallation/performance project about "domesticity, land, space, and ownership" called " Close to Home". Looking really intriguing so far!

They're after more input, so if you'd like to be involved get in touch!

“I recognise that good quality, affordable housing is essential to help attract and retain people in Scotland’s rural and island communities. This parliamentary term, we have committed over £3.5 billion to deliver our target of 50,000 affordable homes, including 35,000 for social rent.”
Is Collina St worth more for bought housing? Too good for the likes of us.
What is going on here Kevin? We will keep asking until we get answers."

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"Kevin Stewart MSP, minister for local government, housing and planning, said: “This ambitious project shows what a community can achieve when empowered to take local decisions. Supported by over £300,000 from the Scottish Government’s Rural Housing Fund, these new homes will grow and sustain the community as well as providing safe, warm and affordable places to live.

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Via campaign member Norman Cunningham:

"Kevin Stewart, Scottish Housing minister, who will not to talk to us about a Community development in Collina St but had plenty to say about this award winning project of THREE HOOSES!

"So a quick recap from my first shift in the Bothy. Handed out about 10 leaflets. Got talking to the women in the ice cream van who’ll stick up the leaflet in the van, left her some for her to hand out also. Spoke to one boy who says he desperate to be rehoused...He’s got five kids and his living room needs to be used as a bedroom. Put up a kids slide next to the hut...People are very supportive and interested...Let’s get the word out and engage with everyone passing by.✊✊✊" - Paul

@StillGameForTheValley i spent a happy hour today occupying the vacant land at Collina Street that GCC is trying to sell off to private developers.

An account of a small action we organised back in December.

⛏️Twenty Wyndford Tenants Union members and supporters returned yesterday to Collina Street where they planted A Tree of Hope for the Future of Public Housing on the land they halted the sale of to developers last month.
🙏Last month our Wyndford Branch succeeded in halting the sale of this public land in the middle of November to private developers, until mid-January.

Welcome to Still Game For The Valley!

This is a public page for information about the ongoing campaign to ensure that any housing development at Collina Street meets with local community demands - community managed, social rent, and the highest environmental standards!

This article gives a great background to our campaign

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