Early last night around about 9 o'clock some person or persons set fire to the bothy. We can see no reason to do this other than to oppose social housing for this former scheme land, so whether this was alienated weans or an isolated and warped person with a grudge, in effect it is following the logic of the privatisers and bought housing developers. We know from our extensive discussions as a community that this is the view of an extreme minority...

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...So we as a community will not be bullied, not by the Council and not by some unrepresentative rogues.

You may huff and you may puff but you will never burn down a bothy MADE OF STONE. - - To that end on Saturday, from 11am we are asking you to *bring a stone to the bothy site* to show that this community is united with *a will as hard as stone* that this public land and former scheme will not be privatised and flogged for bought housing.

[photo from a firefighter at the scene]

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