Apologies for the lack of posts.. I managed to lock myself out of the account for a while...

The last few Saturdays have been a bit quieter, with people away on their summer holidays and spending time with their families and so on.
Today we started by doing a bit of weeding, nearly filling a compost bag with thistles that seem to have sprung up over night. Nice to see nature doing it's thing, and I feel kind of bad for the baby thistles, but there's a place for thistles and it isn't ...


amongst our ornamental plants.

The strawberries didn't give us much fruit this year, but they are sending out feelers to colonize their whole bed. We expect many more next year! Go strawberries!
The potatoes and leeks are flourishing, and the tomatos are looking great. We'll have to have a community soup party before the end of the summer.

We also cleared a bit of flytipped garden waste from the bottom of the path at the South West of the site...

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. There has been quite a lot of flytipping going on, and we hope the council will help clear it away. It could be a great outdoor event space, something that the city should welcome and support as there's still an airborne pandemic going on.
Finally, I filled a bag with litter on my short walk home down the Kelvin to the Wyndford. While of course nobody should condone littering, we should also note that there are no bins all the way to Kelvindale Road, and even that bin was virtually full.

Whether it comes to littering or flytipping, the council are very keen to blame litter on individuals, but while I've seen no evidence that people have recently decided to start littering more, we know full well that cleansing services have been cut. It shouldn't be up to individuals, or volunteers, to keep Glasgow clean or our public spaces safe.

On another note, we have been having some really good internal discussions about the way forward for the campaign for community owned, social-rented, housing at Collina Street. We will be giving a public update very soon.

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