That's 7 mandates the SNP have now. SEVEN!
Five times they've been given a majority and twice the Scots Government have voted for indyref2. Now, all we need is an FM that'll ditch WMs rules and uses one of the other internationaly recognised routes to an iScotland.
If there's no political will, then it'll be up to us to do it.

@trumpet Hi, sent request re changing password yesterday. Understand that this forum isn't manned 24 /7.

Forgot the handle for Mastodon support. I can't change my password...tho I've requested a link. Anyone remember who it is?

That's WoS banned from the T forum, and now iScotNews...a fairly innocuous account with no bad language as far as I remember. There have been other individual accounts but now the Big hitters with huge followers are being targeted. Hard to see.

Yet another conversation with an elderly, Tory voting couple, who think Ruth Davidson 'talks such a lot of sense' and who also hates NS. Pointed out how many newspapers/TV channels are London much money we make (and don't get back) how neglected Scotland has been. They were gobsmacked. Had never spoken with someone from 'the other side'.
God help us. 🙄

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Hey folks, another from the , I hope this catches on! So.... what's the craic? & as it's for Scots, is swearing tolerated? i.e. Can I say the word "cunt"? 👍😉

A shame we can't have the Welsh indy folk on here too. I guess they'd need to join the.Scot domain?

OK, guys. Which film? "One day you're saving the universe and the next, you're sucking down Darjeeling.."

Ciamara tha sibh! It is I, Stiubhart Dubh...not entirely sure how this platform works, but willing to try it. 👍 Folly me so ah dinnae look lonely eh.

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