Yet another conversation with an elderly, Tory voting couple, who think Ruth Davidson 'talks such a lot of sense' and who also hates NS. Pointed out how many newspapers/TV channels are London much money we make (and don't get back) how neglected Scotland has been. They were gobsmacked. Had never spoken with someone from 'the other side'.
God help us. 🙄

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@StiubhartDubh Try Wales. Tories there think the sun shines oot her arse.

@StiubhartDubh Wow, some people are strange. Did they have any example of when RD spoke 'so much sense'? 😶

@Eleanor_Bennett I didn't ask. Was too busy tryna get the Yessers side of the issue into it. Just continually shocked at how they suck up the MSN crap...and believe it. But then, they let that chink of light in by saying 'Aye, NS IS a fantastic stateswoman...she was great on they debate programmes.' That's when you know you're changing their attitude.
But, just depresses me how high the mountain still is.

@StiubhartDubh doesn't help that newspapers like the s*n are given away. The Spar shop near me has started pushing a free Daily Telegraph of all things. I keep saying no and not to ring it thru the til. Now they're offering £2 off your shopping if you take one, I say no thanks.
I've got my sister and her partner here over from Ireland, they went to shop, came in with a effing Daily Telegraph! MSM constantly trying to tory us up. Lol.

@Eleanor_Bennett @StiubhartDubh Take one and bin it 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

@Widster @StiubhartDubh no I don't like doing that as I think it goes through as a demand for it. Return to sender, I say. I've binned the one they brought back. I'll let them off today as they're my guests. 😏

We need to keep having these conversations and point them in the right direction and away from MSM crap that they've been ingesting for years 🙄

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