Just a quick fact checker for those that are interested.

The people in power in Westminster are not gentlemen, they are bully boys. Check

They will play dirty to the end and will only surrender when somebody bigger and nastier steps in. Check

Nicola is an intelligent career politician and knows all this. Check

To achieve Independence the UN needs to be involved. Check

Before they can be involved, several boxes need to be checked. Check

Lets trust Nicola - she knows what she is doing ……….

So now that the Tories see the inevitable writing on the wall they have decided that democracy in Scotland doesn't work for them. This was Viceroy Jack's latest pronouncement at the weekend! It's time we cleared Scotland of every MP (6 to go), elected MSP (7 to go) and councillor, for make no mistake bypassing Holyrood and dealing directly with the councils is their next move. We can shut that down by taking council elections far more seriously.

"the desire for independence isn’t just a reaction to Brexit, and won’t disappear even if life outside the EU miraculously proves to be a great success. For some, the cruelty of UK benefits has been the last straw; for others, it’s the archaic nature of British institutions, the built-in elitism and inequality, the anti-migrant stance and the stunning ease with which devolved structures can be ignored and undermined when it suits Westminster politicians."


All Under One Banner 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @AUOBALBA Dec 18
Will you March for Independence at Glasgow on 11th January?twitter.com/AUOBALBA/status/12

Can't wait to get the camera back out for January the 11th.

Homelessness under SNP falls dramatically but surges under UK Tories – Reporting Scotland Up (Talking-Up Scotland II) talkingupscotlandtwo.com/2019/

Richard Murphy on why the statement is crap and says nothing about the economy of an independent Scotland

"describes the UK in its fundamental principles saying, “the United Kingdom is a voluntary union of the UK nations and parts expressed through informed and democratic processes.”" weegingerdug.wordpress.com/201

Scotland’s Citizens Assembly: What kind of country are we seeking to build? | The Orkney News on December 23, 2019 | theorkneynews.scot/2019/12/23/

"Scotland is an ancient nation. Our sovereignty is derived from the people, not from the Crown. The people now wish to take back that sovereignty from Westminster and return it to Scotland. It is the people themselves who will now lead the way to do that, starting in Glasgow on 11 January." - Craig Murray

Yet another conversation with an elderly, Tory voting couple, who think Ruth Davidson 'talks such a lot of sense' and who also hates NS. Pointed out how many newspapers/TV channels are London based...how much money we make (and don't get back) how neglected Scotland has been. They were gobsmacked. Had never spoken with someone from 'the other side'.
God help us. 🙄

- Everyone needs to get behind this, I know money's tight for most of us but this is important if we want a non-anti Scottish media, and to start setting the pace for an independent Scotland.

Once we are independent our whole identity will be reshaped.

Instead of all of us carrying this crazy regional identity of a greater England, Eastenders, English Premiership and cricket, we will will wake up to the reality.

Scotland is a magical massive and diverse archipelago of approximately one hundred inhabited islands. I’ve been lucky enough to retire early and travel widely around Scotland.

It’s most definitely not the place described by BBC Pacific Quay.

Humbled by the support from other yessers despite me being a Labour member. Had bad experience previously so hadn't spoken about Independence.

I've been invited to speak at Eastwood Yes group in the New Year, so will see some of the #indyref2 community then.

Here's to a prosperous and productive 2020 for #scotland.

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