As a young man living in the Netherlands, I was struck by a photo I saw on a wall in a Dutch Museum. It showed thousands of Jews getting into cattle cars - there were only 4 German soldiers and none were pointing their rifles at anybody.

There was more to the story than I had been taught and it started a lifelong study of life in Germany leading up to the war from about 1930.

The similarities in the UK right now are startling - be of no doubt of the direction Westminster is taking us.


2/ the good news is that History has shown that this path is short lived and the people responsible end up paying a huge price.

Humanity always wins - you can only be the oppressor of people for so long - the people will rise.

These people do not have the intelligence of the Nazis either. Merely the sense of imperial entitlement and a willingness to use violence.
Hopefully their Nuremberg is much less than twelve years away...

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