Another lovely hill day. This time Maoile Lunndaidh south east of Achneshallach. Weather fine today, Cool early (ideal) but high clouds, warmer later on walk out. About 25k today.

Interesting day out in the Scottish hills on Sunday. Started & ended in sun in Glen Affric but in between clag, some light snow, hail then rain combined with increasing wind. Went over Carn Eige then out to Beinn Fhionnlaidh, back over Carn Eige then onto Mam Sodhail & the long walk down. About 30k with 2000+ m of ascent. Somewhat tired at end😲
A pic of start & pic of clag!

Grand hillwalk up Beinn Mholach today. Bit blowy & cloud increasing but not cold. About 23k all in so good for hill fitness. Lovely day.

Ah the mighty peat & diesel at Perth tonight. A remedy to all the crap in the world. Bless you all

A gratuitous picture of cowslips taken this fine morning, because everyone needs a cowslip every now & again🤔

Some 'language' 

A mighty fine & much needed band.

Watch "Sleaford Mods - Nudge It Live From Nottz Arena ft. Amy Taylor" on YouTube

Just wanna ask a political question.

Would you like to see #Brexit to be reversed?

Reboost are really appreciated :)
#askfedi #askfediverse #askmastodon

Debate @RenewEurope with PM @alexanderdecroo

After Russian blackmail to cut 🇵🇱 & 🇧🇬 off from gas I urge #EUCO to urgently take 3 decisions :
- candidate membership for 🇺🇦
- full ban on 🇷🇺 gas & oil
- massive extension of list of powerful Russians falling under 🇪🇺sanctions !


Ok, so first toot. A picture from a couple of weeks ago taken from Beinn Leabhainn a 709m hill to the south of Killin. Looking towards the Ben Lawers range & Loch Tay. A grand walk with looking beautiful.

And back again in preparation for twitter possibly crashing and burning.

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