Bit of a left field question.
How would people feel being under the self moderation of an elected group of administrators, much the same as a Facebook closed group or a WhatsApp group?
The reason I ask is that, ultimately, we are still at the mercy of another's judgement in this new land. I think @Jeggit has done brilliantly getting so many of us here, but if it was to sour, how would you feel about options above? WhatsApp in particular of note due to powerful encryption. Thoughts?


@ILikeDuggee @Jeggit Twitter has become a very toxic environment, have no doubt that a lot of profiles were merely there to stir it. Hopefully we can all self moderate a bit betterband scroll past the awkward situations rather the turn them into spats. No forum will ever be 100% friendly, hopefully we can draw a line under all the shit that came with Twitter, be less confrontational and keep eyes on the prize. By all means, call out someone if they're wrong but the pile ons achieved nothing.

@ThonBigGingerFella @ILikeDuggee @Jeggit it's one of the reasons this platform doesn't have quote tweet, the creator believes it was the main cause of pile ons, and I have to agree there, remember the "this is her" tweet?

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