OK, watching my YouTube subscriptions via RSS (web feeds) is something I never thought I'd want.

Now I can't live without it.

In @Thunderbird, the videos in my list auto-play when clicked. I can delete it (like an email) when I'm done or if I'm just not into it, and the next one auto-plays.

They're searchable, I can apply filters, I can make my OWN "playlists" by using subfolders, etc.


This website is hilarious inspirobot.me - it's an A.I. that generates inspirational quotes, but some of them are just weird and others are more "demotivational"

I've gone back to on my phone. Plasma Mobile has made fine progress in the latest release of but it's not quite daily-driver-ready on my device yet.

New year, new phone software. Just tried out on the new version of and it's working pretty well so far.

Hello all. My name is UltrasonicMadness and I intend to use this page for updates on my software projects, along with occasional posts about other areas of interest. My main project so far is a frontend for the music generation software, though I have much in the works behind the scenes. ultrasonicmadness.org/software


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