So, a few days away from it all but I'm back now, what have I missed?

Wishing you all a happy new year when it arrives.

"Lang May Yer Lum Reek"

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I have noticed this to be true for me, now I've stepped away from twitter. Not entirely off it yet though 😁

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Did an experiment on Twitter. Created an account with 'Scotland' in the account name and just left it; no tweeting or other interactions. Within a week it started to receive recommendations to follow accounts tweeting far right vitreol, supporting English fascism and Brexit, racism directed at Scots and MAGA Trumpism. It started looking like a BritNat cesspit. Twitter recommendations are paid for by vested interests; who is driving this organised push to the far right in England?

So, job done.

A little homage to the whole indy movement and especially the yes bikers and all of the indy dugs.

In the middle of something a little different doodle wise.

Something in anticipation of the first AUOB march in 2020 - Glasgow on 11th January.

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So, come the 29th I shall head down to englandshire for a few days.

The kilt will be packed, for an evening meal

For the 1st of january bike ride the monkey bike emblazoned with saltires and lion ramparts will be taken with us along with the saltire emblazoned helmet.
More importantly our wallets and purses will be filled with Scottish notes from each and every bank in scotland.
3 kinds of £5, £10 and £20 note
And god help anyone who says they won't take them. I'll set the mrs on them

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Keep an eye out for Suzie, missing in Maryhill.
Joanne Ellis on Facebook, would love her home safely. Group Lost dogs in Glasgow
Toot and Boost peeps

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If you're not grateful for what you have,
you'll never be happy with what you get.
You'll always feel like you don't have enough.

You’ll regret the past,
because you could have 'done more'.

And you'll be anxious about the future,
because you could 'miss out' on riches.

Find gratitude for the smallest things -
the morning sun, a sip of water, your old shoes -
and happiness is yours,
no matter what you get
or what you lose.

- Jeff Foster

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1st Christmas with our very own social media platform, given to us by people of Scotland, for the people of Scotland, thank you to those who made it happen, merry festive greetings to everyone, a step closer to having our self-determination back.

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