May I take this opportunity to concur with the jurors who believed
Alex Salmond to be innocent of the charges brought against him.

A quote from a refuse collector:
“In the past 2 weeks, we have seen a 30% increase in Food Waste collected from households, the additional weight is mainly fresh food that has gone out of date and was never even touched, some still in wrappers. Refuse and Recycling tonnages are on a par with post Christmas collections.
That's the shameful and selfish truth of panic buying.”

“Many in the west are barely aware that the world’s two most populous nations were founded in explicit opposition to western colonialism and imperialism, particularly the British variety...”

I sprayed a fucking huge "TORY NHS CUTS KILL CORONA VICTIMS" and it's been there for well over a week where 3 days is the usual time shit gets cleaned up

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I never imagined that when they seized their opportunity to go full police state, so many of you would be fucking cheering them on while they did it

go to hell.

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Here to remind you that nationalisation isn't communism, and that the Attlee government's policies are not only irrelevant to the 21st century, but wouldn't be a step in the right direction even if they were relevant. Gonna leave this here

that cow is like 90, if she catches it she is so fucking dead lmao

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if the queen dies of corona I'm throwing a street party

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Sparrowhawks have to eat I know but...couldn't it just stick to it's job description?

Racist arseholes moaning about a Chinese guy having four bags of flour and broccoli, while ignoring fuckwits pretending not to know each other, each with four packs of loo roll and bread!

Suggested handwashing songs:

Ye Jacobites by Name

Such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation

Freedom Come All Ye

The Internationale

Which Side Are You On?

The Red Flag

Last paragraph kind off sums it up
"It is interesting that the prosecution chose not to cross examine the defence witnesses, except in the case of Ms Barber who was subjected more to innuendo than to cross-examination and who gained the protection of the judge. I am very constrained by what I can legally comment at present, so let us leave it there for the day."

Craig Murray's reporting on Alex Salmond's trial got him permanently banned from the courtroom at the request of the prosecution.

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