Man goes to the park to complain about how many people there are in the park - via @newsthump

uk pol, concentration camps, covid-19, G fucking 4 S

"Vulnerable immigration detainees at risk of dying if they contract Covid-19 are to be placed in solitary confinement for at least three months, according to a leaked letter from the Home Office contractor G4S."

well this is fine

As it's the start of the month we'd usually do a fundraiser to help cover the costs of running this instance.

This month, due to the global situation with Covid-19, we'll skip the fundraiser and simply ask our users to stay safe and stay well πŸ™‚

Take care folks!

Strongly dislike this whole polis being out their fuckin vans thing

A quote from a refuse collector:
β€œIn the past 2 weeks, we have seen a 30% increase in Food Waste collected from households, the additional weight is mainly fresh food that has gone out of date and was never even touched, some still in wrappers. Refuse and Recycling tonnages are on a par with post Christmas collections.
That's the shameful and selfish truth of panic buying.”

β€œMany in the west are barely aware that the world’s two most populous nations were founded in explicit opposition to western colonialism and imperialism, particularly the British variety...”

I sprayed a fucking huge "TORY NHS CUTS KILL CORONA VICTIMS" and it's been there for well over a week where 3 days is the usual time shit gets cleaned up

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I never imagined that when they seized their opportunity to go full police state, so many of you would be fucking cheering them on while they did it

go to hell.

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Here to remind you that nationalisation isn't communism, and that the Attlee government's policies are not only irrelevant to the 21st century, but wouldn't be a step in the right direction even if they were relevant. Gonna leave this here

that cow is like 90, if she catches it she is so fucking dead lmao

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