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Racist arseholes moaning about a Chinese guy having four bags of flour and broccoli, while ignoring fuckwits pretending not to know each other, each with four packs of loo roll and bread!

Suggested handwashing songs:

Ye Jacobites by Name

Such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation

Freedom Come All Ye

The Internationale

Which Side Are You On?

The Red Flag

Last paragraph kind off sums it up
"It is interesting that the prosecution chose not to cross examine the defence witnesses, except in the case of Ms Barber who was subjected more to innuendo than to cross-examination and who gained the protection of the judge. I am very constrained by what I can legally comment at present, so let us leave it there for the day."

Craig Murray's reporting on Alex Salmond's trial got him permanently banned from the courtroom at the request of the prosecution.


Greek friends! This right-wing asshole from Germany entered Greece. His name is Oliver Flesch and he runs a YouTube-Channel. More about his projekt: Warning! Sometimes heยดs armed. He doesn't necessarily have to come back. #Antireport #AntiNaziGr #Antifa

A lot going on wi the railway incidents for November 1901 - 8hrs to seek out & type up these articles - here's hoping December's a little easier-going ๐Ÿ˜†

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