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We've just had a no-reply email from SSE saying that they will be installing our new smart meter on Monday the 1st of October. So that will be tomorrow or Monday then.

I've just received an invite for the Covid and Flu boosters. My son got his invite today too and the amazing thing is that we're both getting them at the same time and place, that'll save on fuel.
It must be a coincidence though as I can't imagine that the NHS would have spent time looking for people with the same address, anyway my wife hasn't had her invite yet. Oddly enough, she got her last booster a few weeks before me.

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@minimaldotclick @Wizardofosmium No need to claim any heritage. Just move here now. There's plenty of room. And then you can vote for indy next year and be part of the change.

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RT @libertyhq: 🚨BREAKING

This is it. The Government's published its #RightsRemovalBill that:

Strips your rights away

Means authorities don't have to respect your rights

Makes it harder to challenge abuse of your rights

It's time to fight like your rights depend on it. #SaveYourRights


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When will Westminster come for NHS Scotland and all our juicy data to sell to US "healthcare" corps? Here's a dodgy deal in the making:
The Tories in bed with the same lot as have this record.

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Tories voting, or playing charades, tonight.
The outcome won't affect us in Scotland, as, to misquote Douglas Adams, no matter what happens, the wrong lizard will get in.

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The UK media pretend that the institution of the monarchy, and the queen, personally, are beyond political criticism.


Having a hereditary head of state is already a political decision. Furthermore, based on that decision, the queen, and her family, inhabit a privileged position, including an extravagant lifestyle.

It is long overdue that the unreal fairytale was ended, and a modern arrangement made for the head of state.

#jubilee #monarchy #politics

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Please remember that “carbon footprint” is a bullshit concept devised by fossil fuel companies to shift responsibility for climate change away from companies and on to individuals
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Just wanna ask a political question.

Would you like to see #Brexit to be reversed?

Reboost are really appreciated :)
#askfedi #askfediverse #askmastodon

Our walk yesterday past Clubbiedean reservoir we got to see a stoat carrying one of its kits. It's a shame the gate was in the way.

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Why are bike so cool? Boost plz 

Are you a bike enthusiast? May it be because you use it only for transportation, just because you like 'em even if you don't ride or you're super duper fan knowing a hell lot

Please tell me

I'm looking for enthusiasm for bikes and some help is welcome. Thanks.

Please boost so I can reach those bike nerds

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Considering the revelations that Boris Johnson broke the law (that he introduced) when he held parties during the covid restrictions, should he:

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Snow covered Stùc a' Chròin and Ben Vorlich this morning.

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Did you know over 1000 scientists engaged in civil disobedience yesterday all over the world? This was massive: scientists are trained to be cautious, so getting this many to act should have been a top story.

Media coverage? Zero. An utter disgrace.

We took our cairn terrier on a walk we do on average once a week, it takes us past a cairn breeder. It's at the end of a quiet road and their dogs are free to run about in their yard which has a mesh gate.
Our cairn likes to run up to the gate and the other dogs run up to him and start barking. Our cairn then leaves them barking and trots off with a smug look.
Today was no different except the breeders dogs all started to howl a bit like wolves.
Our dog was really unsettled for the next 10min.

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