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Leading Swedish broadsheet @SvD uses today’s front page and two inside pages to highlight the current constitutional crisis between England and Scotland – our Nordic neighbour treats the crisis more seriously than the UK’s London-centric press. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇸🇪

keeping it simple, operating Linux Puppy Distro on usb sticks, tried out Mint distro on other old laptop, using too much of my time, anyway great to have ditched Microsoft, reading a book Atomic Habits by James Clear, interesting

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ust when you thought Labour couldn't be more out of touch with Scotland or come up with a dumber suggestion along comes labour leadership candidate Lisa Nandy cheered on by ex First Minister and Labour peer Lord McConnell. I assume they mean the SNP voters too. Stunning!

Put on hold trying to install Linux on my Aspire ES 15, many have tried, the work round solutions don't work for me. So using a USB stick and bionicpup64 OS. Trying Pale Moon as the browser and as a homepage. Mastodon has been the catalyst for this to happen, still with G suit.

At work, on lunch, watching Politics live, war criminal being given a platform, none of them have a clue about what is actually happening, shame on them all, shame on all of us allowing this to happen

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America IS the biggest terrorist state
40 million below poverty level
36 million empty bellies
no health care
piss poor education system
yeah what a dream

well that went well, no more Microsoft, bit sooner than I intended, a wee error with partitioning

This is a screenshot from a BBC web page, "Manzanar was one of 10 concentration camps set up by the US government during World War Two in order to detain Japanese-origin people in the US."

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There's an exodus to Mastodon from Twitter happening in Spain, for the same reason it's happening in Scotland — Twitter's censoring of Independence supporters.

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