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Nextcloud was founded to decentralize the cloud, to put users back in control over their data.

We at Nextcloud believe that everybody should have digital sovereignty. We are introducing 3 improvements that are aimed straight at advancing our mission!

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@tommi @dansup Was just thinking last night that if #Fediverse users and #FOSS enthusiasts each wrote even one organization or company and asked them to maintain a presence on a Fediverse platform and not just on commercial social media outlets, what would the results be? You'd need enough people writing to make a difference. However, even if just a few organizations started posting to the Fediverse, it would mean more diverse content. Anyone up for contacting groups like

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Kidnappings, torture and worse have become a feature of everyday life for civilians living in Turkish occupied Afrin.

British weapons and support help make the occupation a reality



"Coming soon from
- the party of independence which focuses on what it was founded to achieve

"Sovereign Tribal people calling out for international intervention and exposing what is happening in the communities."

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"Craig Murray is due to be released from HMP Edinburgh a week tomorrow, having served half of an eight-month sentence for contempt of court via “jigsaw identification”. Our latest poll data from Panelbase, surveying 2000 Scottish voters last week, reveals that just a quarter of Scots think that such an offence merits imprisonment."

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