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The Spanish Flu swept across the world in the closing months of World War One and was responsible for more destruction of human life than that entire conflict.


Recommended for all self-isolationists. Free audiobooks and vintage radio. 🎧 librivox.org

"If this theory is true, then a small circle of political opportunists is attempting to remove Mr Salmond from politics, at the point where he could assist the independence movement at its most important moment."


"...since Brexit and talk of a US trade deal, American corporations and insurance companies have had their eye on one of the greatest British social achievements: The NHS."


Hard to disagree with Peter Bell: “The de facto leader of the independence movement in whom we invested so much trust has driven that campaign into a narrow cul-de-sac where she can neither turn around nor proceed. And her speech of Friday made it clear that she is disinclined to reverse...” peterabell.scot/2020/02/02/scu

“If you believe in Scottish Independence, you believe that the Scottish nation are a “people” within the meaning of the UN Charter, and thus have an inalienable right of self-determination...” craigmurray.org.uk/archives/20

Hats off to the photographer who took this picture of Sajid Javid. He's taking the complete piss out of him channelling his inner Gollum. Straight out of the dead, dark heart of Mordor that's the Tory party. Saor Alba

Labour leadership auditions.

"See my safe pair of hands,
defenders of these Royal lands.
I approve the status quo,
a Tory - Labour to and fro.
Lords and Ladies do not fear,
privilege I value dear.
Uniting all I promise thee,
a vow to smite @Thesnp."

@Humanistforindy @Teamemmenracing You may not understand how impactful is to manufacture a vehicle, regardless of its powertrain. At the point in time we are, before a new EV or Hybrid offsets its own manufacturing carbon footprint we've passed the climate change point of no return.
Replacing all internal combustion engine vehicles with "green" EV or hybrids has a manufacturing carbon footprint that will tip us over the edge.
Sort me this riddle out, folks.

@Humanistforindy @Teamemmenracing I know the two boons look conflicting, but remember that there are a very large number of Oil byproducts that still don't have a direct equivalent we can replace them with.
Extracting Oil doesn't mean we must burn it.
And I bet that in the near future we'll find a way to use fossil fuels in internal combustion engines without killing ourselves.
Making them cleaner and better might be quicker than switching everyone to hybrid or fully electric vehicles.

@Humanistforindy @Teamemmenracing I'm pretty sure the EU will be happy to have a new member with 25% of the EU green power generation potential.
That makes complying with the Kyoto protocol, and all subsequent world agreements to combat climate change, SO much easier for EU countries.
Add the new Oil&Gas fields we can open when Trident fucks off (we shall give the current ones to England to buy our independence) and we're a fucking good catch.

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