Bit disappointed that Mastodon doesn't show my YesTV.Scot links the way that other SM sites do, a link preview panel*, but so far I'm really liking this place. It's got a nice vibe.

*any help appreciated.


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There are mastodon devs on here that could maybe help. May just be something to do with the way the videos are embedded on your site.
I saw one earlier in a thread, a dev I mean, will try and find them.

Hi Eugen, do you know any Mastodon developers that could help @YesTVdotScot so links from their site will show a preview of their videos like youtube videos do?

@Baw_bag @YesTVdotScot To embed videos your site needs to either support OEmbed or contain a twitter:player meta tag

@Gargron @Baw_bag - Thanks. Bit of a misunderstanding.

I wasn't looking for a full video embed. I was just expecting to have a link preview panel utilising my sites <meta property="og:image" definition like I get on FB or T.

Sorry @YesTVdotScot I thought you meant the actual video, rather than a page preview.

@Baw_bag - No need to apologise. I really appreciate you trying to help.

@YesTVdotScot @Baw_bag The HTML text alone on your page is over 1 MB. Our code skips downloading it for security reasons.

@Gargron @Baw_bag - Yup. I was just looking at that and wondering how I'd let it get so big. I'll break it down to something more digestible tonight. Thank you for your help.

@Gargron @Baw_bag - New lightweight YesTV.Scot now online. Thanks for the help and advice . Glad I moved to Mastodon.

Fingers crossed.

Happy Christmas

@YesTVdotScot Mastodon can definitely do it. Not sure what it checks for. Maybe it doesn’t recognise the .scot domain?

Test link:

@YesTVdotScot It MIGHT be because there’s not a main header image for it to grab...

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