Watch "[4k, 60 fps] A Trip Through New York City in 1911" on YouTube

1/4 The British Online Archives has a collection of documents, pamphlets and other vintage archive material on Scottish Independence. This is from the ‘60s.

They'll come for the Scots next. Fuck everything the UK has become.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the racist, xenophobic, islamaphobe that is Katie Hopkins

Hats off to the photographer who took this picture of Sajid Javid. He's taking the complete piss out of him channelling his inner Gollum. Straight out of the dead, dark heart of Mordor that's the Tory party. Saor Alba

My wife is a true patriotic Scot.
She burns supper every night.

Is this a tweet? Pretty ineffective aren't they, really?

What if they were on a bridge instead? A poster in a church hall? A banner outside a bingo hall? Flyer in a social club? Card in a bowling club? Ad on a bus? Words on a bus stop? Text by a tunnel? Type on a train station? Prose on a promenade? "Graffiti" in your garden? Lingo on your land? Poetry on a sign post?

It's time to take OFFLINE, don't you think? Think how much more you can get done with your time, like others do.

I am increasingly concerned about SNP delivering independence. I have this horrible nagging doubt that it’s their raison d’être to seek Indy but for it to remain just out of reach. I really hope I’m wrong but how do we shift the narrative (And power balance) away from party control to the people of Scotland?

“The Westminster Government intends to bulldoze through the Brexit bill even though it will have been rejected by all three devolved administrations.
Westminster also intend to try and usurp the sovereignty of the Scottish people via section 38 of the Brexit bill.”

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all rejected consent for the Brexit bill.

So what, says Westminster.

We need action on independence now. If the SNP really see value in having an independence majority in n the Scottish Parliament they must call an election now. Waiting will destroy them and our chances.

On Marr Murray claiming Labour can't win in a UK election if they're not successful in Scotland. So labour need our support to impose rule on England but will beat fuck out of us if we want to rule ourselves?

This guy is absolutely right with his tweet, but I'm loving the response to what is a very serious & well made point 😂

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