Could a caption be any weirder than this comment? I'm fucking struggling to he honest 😂

@amestaper OK, first - is this in our country?! And second - if it is a card to 2 people, why? When did this start?

@asjmcguire I got sent that picture by an eagle eyed friend so honest answer is I don't know. Ask Moonpig lol 😂 probably a typo but I'm scared to take a guess in case I offend someone.

@asjmcguire Clearly entertained by the card, one Twitter user wrote: "Don't be so judgemental. If there's a market..."



@asjmcguire aye that was funny. Reminded me of the time my son sold the class bully 2 cakes for 50p or 3 for £1 at the school fair.

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