So - I'm going to assume that AFFG haven't made it over here yet and I'm going to air my concerns about Friday - in a hopefully safe space.

I have no problems with the vigil for democracy happening - I think it is a good idea, but I am terrified that it's going to be infiltrated by rent-a-mob and will result in violence - which will be splashed across the papers and TV as "nats are a disgrace to Scotland" or something.

Does anyone share these concerns?

Important Better Blocker announcement coming in a bit…

A quick note for it's not what you want to hear if you are hoping for a referendum this year. BUT - if we are left looking for legal options to force a Section 30. It looks like the Belfast Agreement has the period defined as SEVEN years. Meaning we could legitimately argue that Belfast Agreement has a defined period. SEVEN years will of course be 2021.

Page 5, Section 3.

Presumably - now that Westminster have said "no" and followed it up with "never, not even with proof that everyone wants it" - we can involve the United Nations now?

Hmmmm have AFFG just paid people to stand there for the counter protest? Because.... spot the hat.

Have to say - surprised that other than @Yes2020 there is very little content on our new social media platform today!

This time Tom Paris sure as shit isn't going into another meeting but they ran out of the special effects budget and just solved everything with a meeting.

So, we've recorded an 84.7mph gust and an 84.3mph gust already - and the warning doesn't even start until 3am....

My Google Maps activity review really highlights how damaging the stress of a DWP reassessment is:

2018 - travelled 3,277 miles.
2019 - [waiting for reassessment and then appealing reassessment (Jan-June)] Travelled 1,360 miles.

Psst, I came here to get away from Twitter. Consider not boosting retweets or other bridged content that the person can’t even be bothered to post here. You’re shitting up the fedi.

Job Hunting, Boost+ 

Right, bird site is a terrifying place right now. I'm shutting out the world because my anxiety can't take the stuff that is escalating in the real world.

Please could I ask that people who are posting stuff about war, hide it behind a Content Warning because some of us - are going to be in the fetus position watching cartoons and pretending everything is going to be fine.....

Andy far as I know - today is neither Friday nor the 13th.....

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So - I slept for a few hours, got woken up and ARGH! there must have been a power blip overnight. pfSense was down, complaining it wanted interfaces reassigning. XenServer down - which meant Unifi down.... 3 hours I have been running around trying to fix the network and get the internet back.

Hey weather - go away and leave me alone.

Also - the heating got upset by the power blip, so the house is cold.

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