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Updated my recipes folder to make it more traversible and not just a mish-mash of documents.

Vegan diet is well taken care of and a few recipes for other diets.

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Re-intro (Jan 2022) 

Là math dhuibh! 'S mise Ruaraidh, 's ann Alba a tha mi 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

I live in the Gàidhealtachd/Highlands.

I am a stay-at-home dad currently, I've lapsed out of university.
I quite enjoy reading about Highland culture, history and language; specifically relating to the areas historic links to slave-trade as well as modern clearance.

I really enjoy watching Formula1 and playing Destiny2 on xbox. Birding and cycling are things that give me great joy.

Please do follow if you wish =)

On a similar topic, I love this artwork, and look for it when visiting the National gallery in Edinburgh, but it's sad that John Duncan only added gulls rather than St Bride's servants, as part of it

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Reflecting on St Bride.
An oystercatcher, gille-Brìghde, the servant of St Bride, this morning.

Black History Month 

To kick off #BlackHistoryMonth I'm going to drop a link to the biography for Olive Morris.

Morris was a member of the British Black Panthers and a leading figure of radical feminism during the 1970s. During her time in activism, she established black women's magazines, organisations to support women of colour and pioneered London's squatters movement with the occupation of several vacant buildings in Brixton.

She's one of the most important figures in post-war British radical history and someone that more people need to know about.

The Wikipedia article on Morris is incredibly well sourced and put together, so if you read it and want to know more, check out the references at the bottom:

Fascinating read on a small aspect of history here

Spotlight: Jacobites - Restoring the Reputation of ‘The Notorious Lady Lude’ - History Scotland

I get 'guga' is a delicacy or whatever yet we can drop that aspect of culture.

It is horrid. They are not "hunters". They are clubbing chicks who cannot defend themselves.

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Oh lord Sulaisgeir is back on iPlayer.

Watch dickheads smash gannet chicks over the head for "cultural reasons".

@Shrigglepuss another good one to add is Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire by Akala

part personal memoir, part history of colonialism and racism in Britain

October is #BlackHistoryMonth in the UK. It's often overshadowed by American Black History, but still very important to learn about, especially if this is where you live, like.
The starting point I usually suggest to people that aren't Black is the opening chapters in Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race because it's important to understand the history and context of our racism here and this book packs a lot of key things into a small space:

"You wolfed that down, you must have been hungry"
"Oh no, I wasn't very hungry"
"I was just ravenous"*

*ravenous delivered like it means some super mild hunger, like you're snacking on a bag of crisps, or refers to no hunger at all.

Still unsure if the person was downplaying it or was genuine in their poor word choice.

Today is the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in Canada.

I'm an astronomer, so one way I am working on reconcilation is to learn a bit more about Indigenous astronomy, and (carefully and respectfully) start teaching parts of it to my students, because this is really important for all Canadians to learn, whether or not they are Indigenous.

Here are a few resources I've been using to learn:

Here is an old Glaswegian band, Urusei Yatsura, with the delightful "Phasers on Stun"

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Rat rendering technology keeps getting more impressive.

We're moving logs from the temporary pile to the proper one.
We stumbled over this little critter!

Oh my God I have worked here for two weeks and I am only just now finding out they call cumulative folders CUMs. There’s a big sign that says do not bring CUMs out of the office. Help

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Triqlling hot water bottles today to get used to them before the cold arrives and OMG can thry keep heat.

7 hours for one of them, though average appears to be 5hrs.

Pretty decent things!

Britons: what does the phrase "three legged race" mean to you, if anything?

Paper due tomorrow. Need metaphor.

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