Had a very angry looking visitor today checking out the feeders.

I didn't know the gaelic for Sparrowhawk. It's 'Speireag'

This mornings half whole rye and wheat. Added a scoop of golden syrup for deliciousness. Quite pleased with it 😁

Impossible to get rye flour just now, had to dig out an older recipe for this one📖

Listening to some tunes on the radio from the 80s and earlier.

There are too many songs with really problematic lyrics. Too damn many!

To tag on to that article is this one:

Where we blame individuals for following government guidance. Instead of blame the government for not acting appropriately by trying to save lives instead of the economy.

It also has a fantastic final sentence;
In these days of heightened hygiene, it’s more important than ever not to be a boot licker.

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Enjoyed reading this.
I think the author is spot on too in his assessment that our food systems are too vulnerable.


Too much of our food is supplied just-in-time, which means there's little to no slack in the system for when problems arise.

We, as a society, waste far too much of our food. Our collective memory isn't there to help use the whole animal or the whole vegetable now that we need to.

Mind have a site you may find useful in times where your mental wellbeing is struggling because of the changes to your routines because of 🔒⬇️

Turned out poorly in the end. Put it in the oven as I was watching Sharknado. Got carried away with the film and burnt the top of the loaf...

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Baking a loaf today. Powered through yesterdays wheat and spelt combo that I made too small.

Trying again today and we're already 1 mistake in. It's wheat and rye, instead of the same as yesterday.

We'll see how it turns out!

Out earlier for a brief moment, fired in a load of buntata 🥔
Mainly 'main crop' and a few 'early's. Shall see what comes of them later in the year.

Still a lot of other veg plant 😀

Some vital information from Royal Mail here. 📦 Their covid-contingency plan 📮


Radish are the 1st vegetables out of the gate, closely followed by snowball turnips 👨‍🌾

if anyone knows of contemporary songs of a political nature in please do say 🙏

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originally refrained from posting this because a question with striking similarity to the answer was posed and I was worried about self-plagiarising.

I've written a different answer, so felt it was worth sharing 😀

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Wrote this a few weeks ago after I could not get some sleep because the thoughts needed writing down. My thoughts have modified slightly since writing but are generally the same.

It's scruffy as fuck and would ideally need tidying up, however I think its point is maintained;
music, I think, is stuck in the past and is in dire need of modernisation.


Watching an interview about with Mary Beard on History Hit.
What a brilliant interview, hoped it would have been longer!
What a world Rome was. She talks about their decentralised power and how they viewed citizenship; touches on their assimilation of cultures and an amazing line "they create a desert and call it peace" 🔥

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