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The chicken pic is horrifically pixelated, apologies.

It's too large to upload and pixelates at the merest shrink

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Bit of a loooong day here; had to fetch 2 trailers of wood chip and then put it down for the chickens, who promptly run off behind the polytunnel to eat slugs when the fence was taken down.

Trying some decaf tea as that is all we have left in the cupboards. It tastes like tea and so far not feeling buzzed, so it's doing the job!

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These new gen CAT cables are a bitch to tidy up.

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"But we have our own media now, and we are no longer dependent on the distorted judgments within the capitalist frame. We can celebrate our successes here, and build on them. We can operate platforms serving hundreds of thousands of people without a profit motive, and gradually expand the solidarity economy."

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This is an essay I wrote end of last year. It was originally on Clan Fraser but became more about 11th Lord Lovat because he lived an incredible life.

As a clan they're fascinating as they are everywhere. It doesn't take long to find a Fraser in places of academia, business or government.
I hope you enjoy reading this, I removed the piece I wanted to research a bit more and I am uncomfortable sharing the poorly researched aspect.

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chemistry units misinfo / joke 

a smol is 1/10000 of a mol

Do Shiftphone's come with Tinder, Bumble and a few other "dating" apps pre-installed?

Their '6m' is advertised with "The " 😆

Politics and economics of water 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 

This article reminded me of just how bad the water situation in England is.

Since England's water was privatised, the funding for repairs etc is done via debt/borrowing.
The income from customers is what pays the shareholders (wealth extraction).
They're treated as two separate streams of money.

Wales is being fleeced with this scheme.

I may be remembeing incorrectly, similar topic in FT

Cofiwch Dryweryn

Shetland cattle here. Lovely wee beasts these, quite good company on a windy morning.

it's been moderatly successful.
Quite a few apps do not work without Google Play, which is irritating but nothing major.

Most importantly my bank (Starling) works. Google Photos appears to work, which is fab!
The keyboard (Typewise) is in "free" mode, I don't know if getting the one-time purchase Pro version will work in Pro mode.
Fenix for twitter does not, it errors on startup. Does tweetdeck have a PWA?

I think the IAP stuff is what is failing microG.

@Fairphone @e_mydata

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Converted my @Fairphone 3 to @e_mydata and now beginning the slow task of replacing the apps. Most them were easy, many are not.

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