Just out in the garden there and a passerby asked if I hung out green for my chickens to eat.

Took me a second to work out they meant leafy vegetables...

What I love most about reading historical texts is that no-one gave a 💩 about spelling

Watched Jay and Silent Bob Reboot this evening. Really really enjoyed the film. It was everything; funny, sad, poignant and self-deprecating.

Clearly a lot of heart went into that film and I'm pleased Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith et al got to make it!

New visitor to the feeders today in a Ceap-dubh (Blackcap) with a lovely chestnut brown hat

I haven't seen one of them before today


Quietly expanded on my thoughts on the held-back nature of song but it's too close to an actual essay topic this semester, so I'm keeping it so I'm not plagiarising masel

Is the gaelic world so cushty that all we have are songs that masquerade as but are just ploughing the same furrow?

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I want to hear comedy music about the people who bleat about signs.

I want to hear songs that are politically motivated. Full of venom, anger, rage and sarcasm.

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I would love to hear some modern music. Music that isn't romanticised, that isn't "celtic" and that wasn't written hundreds of years ago.

Where're the fresh tunes?!

I wonder how many people who're tweeting about mental health this week also visit the celeb gossip sites and take a weird interest in strangers lives.

Smiling Violas from one of the garden boxes, hopefully get out into it more in the coming days 🌞🌤️

Watching a series on Greek gods. Pretty much all of them have shit morals and are pricks.
Zeus is the worst of them all

That bit is a bit I find rather interesting in that access to UK granted access to the largest FTA in Europe which contrasts heavily with what is happening today; assuming many FTAs can't be forged within the year.

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while Article V stated that all Scottish-owned vessels would now rank as ships of Great Britain, so affording the Scots the privileges and protection of inclusion within the Navigation Acts. The union created the biggest free-trade zone in Europe at the time and gave Scottish merchants the liberty to trade legally in such profitable American commodities as tobacco; sugar, indigo and rum (a privilege not granted the Irish) and, at the same time, it afforded them the protection of the Royal Navy."

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Reading about the period around the Act of Union. So much seems to be paralleled today.
Excerpt from Devine's 'The Scottish Nation'

"Several clauses of the Act of Union were devoted to economic matters, but Articles IV and V were the two of most importance. Article IV provided for Scottish entry without payment of custom duty to the English domestic and colonial markets,...

Enjoying the similarities between 1690-1701 Scotland and now.

Everything and nothing has changed

Quite enjoyed this article on history of the caman. Especially that the flat part is the bas, which is the same as on a hurl 🇮🇪


Tog, tog, tog, tog, tog an rud a dh’ fhàg mi


Reading for uni this week and out of nowhere, during chat about the late 17th century, comes a statement saying that Eskimos kayaked to Scotland?! This requires more research


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