In the search for a desktop writefreely editor I came across 'ThiefMD'. Odd name for a program that'll let you write, in markdown, for writefreely, ghost and WordPress.

There're also local save options too
Flathub, debian (ppa), arch and rpm files available too it seems 😁

Scot/UK Pol. Specifically referendum. YT video 

Here is the chat between Professor Sir Tom Devine and Professor Ciaran Martin, talking about Scotland and independence referendums

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A series of talks coming up at Culloden for the 275 anniversary of the Battle of Culloden.

The Battle of Culloden 275 Years On with Dr Darren S Layne


Culloden: Plae Worth Protecting, with Professor Christopher Duffy and Derek Alexander


Charles Edward Stuart - Italian dandy, selfish alcoholic or charismatic prince? with Peter Pininski

Scot/UK Pol. Specifically referendum. 

A sort of précis of the articles and I imagine the talk:

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Scot/UK Pol. Specifically referendum. 

On this topic there's a chat between Professor Ciaran Martin and Professor Sir Tom Devine this evening that is open to the public.

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Scot/UK Pol. Specifically referendum. 

Good article, with a strong ending. Written by someone who was involved with the 2014 referendum.

as always to aid in reading it in 🔥🦊:

Does a vegetarian vampire's diet primarily consist of blood oranges?

"There's no gods and there's precious few heroes
But there's plenty on the dole in the land o the leal
And it's time now to sweep the future clear of the lies of a past that we know was never real"

There truly are too many Google (tech?) apologists in this world.

Was pleased to read this article from Android Police on @fdroidorg

Great to see them promoting non-Goog stuff from time to time.

I wish there were more colour-based theme options in

Me: abair latha, I think I'll go for a walk
Weather: hah, have hailstones

The unicorn may be in chains but all it needs to do to defend itself is a headbutt.

Which likely explains one of Scotland's favourite self-defence/offence moves; the Glasgow Kiss.

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Is a unicorn a horse or a goat?

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Happy National Unicorn day!

Scotland's national animal flexing through time.

Popped my head out the window and the House Martins have arrived 😁

the rona, AstraZeneca 

here's one being made in Livingston

Which has a shop-local vibe to it. Though the number pre-ordered seems rather high...

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the rona, AstraZeneca 

I can see UKGov setting up as a reseller, like Ticketmaster buying its own tickets and reselling them itself for more 💰

Dodgy much.

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