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According to a toddler, a sporadic series 

Planes go 'beep beep'

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Uploaded two photo-blog pieces. If you take a look, I hope you enjoy them 😄 -

One from a trip in the woods:

The other of two cool bugs:

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New intro: 

Latha math dhut! I'm Ruaraidh, from the Gàidhaeltachd 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿.

I have Gàidhlig (though not fluent, yet). I can understand even less Gaeilge. Though will mainly chat in Scottish-English.

Many interests, currently they are;
Gàidhealtachd culture, history and language, which I'm studying at university as a mature student.
Motorsport and the natural world encompass other joy.
Halo is currently my jam on the xbox.
Attempting to remove relying on big-tech too.

Please do follow if you wish 😄

I have the Gàidhlig edition of Grufalo's Child and needless to say, it just doesn't work.

It has no rhythm, it has no rhyme. The author has tried buuuut I think it was too much of a challenge

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Watching The Grufalo's Child.

I'll need to get the Scots book version too. I quite enjoy The Reiver Rat (The Highway Rat), it still works which is a bonus for translated works.

Why are you up there hen? You're meant to be inside your house.

I enjoy reading stories like this!

Making use of crashed EVs and preventing a still usable car from being scrapped. Alongside some solid ingenuity and mechanicry

🎶 ...He said that
Ooo eee,ooo ah ah ting tang
Walla walla, bing bang...

car tech, hyundai, bluelink 

🤔 after reading more documentation, I don't think it's going to work as the app requires GoogleServices and I don't think there's a non arm_64 version

Feeling increasingly sketched out though, so I think I will install but not run the bluelinky program

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car tech, hyundai, bluelink 

I think I hall try Waydroid first and if that fails, then I'll be on to bluelinky

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car tech, hyundai, bluelink 

Trying to decide whether to install 'Bluelinky' (1) or try and run Bluelink (2) via virtualised Android on something like Waydroid (3).

I've no idea what 'npm' is or 'yarn' and I can't find a pictutre instructions or video about Bluelinky




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@fitheach Have you spotted/seen any Fieldfare or Redwing on the Rowan trees recently?

Latest animalised food-stuff are rolls.

a.k.a. Eagle Donuts. 🤷

What do you call a nationalism that is traditionally set outwith its own nation's borders, by design returned polyglots with knowledge of other culture's and built trans-national friendships at every level?

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Saw a 'Proud to be SCOTTISH Delighted to be UNITED' sticker on a car window. The driver had a mask which was the Irish tri-colour, he didn't appear to be Irish either (he fussed over my newborn and chatted asking about her).

Consider me confused.

🎬 Wild Mountain Thyme 📽️ 

This film is the most bizarre film I've watched in a while.

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🎬 Wild Mountain Thyme 📽️ 

An alternate universe where Father Dougal and Mrs Doyle spend hours dancing around their feelings for each other before finally succumbing to their mutual infatuation.

Large Child is currently trying to mathematics his way out of being a ginger gene carrier.

Poor lad.

Told him he's likely got a 75% chance of being a carrier of MC1R. He's certain it came about from incest as that's how most genetic mutations start...

I know I shouldn't but I am watching perusing this page in the want of a new phone and yes my current phone is fine.

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