Wow! That is big.

Seen to-day when doing the dogwalk at the Caledonian Canal.

The boat is called the Lord of the Glens.

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@fitheach that beast's been stuck in Inverness for so long now. Good to see it moving

@athairbirb @fitheach

Maybe you would like go on a cruise with the beast? It's a cheapie at just $8,660 per person for 9 days. With free bar tab and crew tips included.

Good grief! Nearly $1,000 per day.

Next time I'll need to get Gruoch to effect some introductions to any girls on board. 😃



Better make sure then that she isn't one of the crew. I'm sure their wages won't reflect the price of the cruise.


The waiting staff had blue uniforms, including blue polo shirts with a company logo. They would be easy to identify.


It seemed to have a lot of passengers. The second top level is a restaurant, and was full of diners. They were all waving to me and the dog.

@fitheach @athairbirb

Lord of the Glens - Ship Specifications

Built: 1985 at Psarros Shipyard (Perama, Greece)
Last Refurbished: 2004
Former Names: Victoria II, Victoria
Guests: 48
Cabins: 26
Crew: 20
Tonnage (gross tons): 729
Length (feet): 151
Width (Beam) (feet): 33
Depth (Draft) (feet): N/A
Speed (knots): 18
Registry: United Kingdom
Elevator: No
Accessible Cabins: No

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