Why are web designers so, well, shite at designing websites?

I imagine places like Twitter pay handsomely and they develop bloated crap.

I tried out the Tweetdeck Preview there. It is slow, poorly laid out and lacking in any density of information that Tweetdeck since its inception has been good for.

I don't think the people developing it have even asked people who use it what needs changed. There're things that could be improved but the redesign feels like they've taken twitter's normal site and just gone "add more" so that lists (don't) work.

They've also adopted the "Top Tweets" instead of chronological order like Tweetdeck, and presumably social media folk, were most useful for.


This goes for YouTube and Reddit as well, the two sites I know have been redeveloped recently to be slower and more wasteful.

I can only surmise that the developers use mega powerful towers or laptops and have gigabit internet connections.

'Cos this is ridiculous.

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