Out this afternoon to learn how to 'one-pedal drive'.

Very odd feeling braking without pressing the brakes. Especially that you can control braking by pressing the accelerator less or more.

it seems to be as efficient as setting the car to '0' regen, coasting and using the brake-pedal to slow.

Not sure if I prefer one or the other currently.

New tyres on Friday, hopefully.

Reports are folk saying it doesn't noticeably make a difference to efficiency but...I don't believe them. We shall see from Friday.

One of the best bits about them is you can actual quantifiable numbers (Wh/mile) to compare before and after but few people do.

We were stuck in the house last year as the ice was so bad we could not get to or from the house by vehicle.

With work etc, we cannot rely on the bus as it too is sketchy in winter.

Similarly, watching this and I totally want one of these motorised unicycle things.

Imagine cutting along the A82 on this 😱, though in summer you'd be keeping up with traffic.

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