Are there good brands for computer mice?

Ethically produced would be top notch. Linux compatible is a must.

Mouse wants: wired and around 5 buttons would be grand, so I can go back and forwards in browser.

Retoots appreciated.

@athairbirb Linux compatibility should be easy as the USB standard already includes support for 2d pointing devices. As long as the mouse doesn't have 10 buttons or any unusual special functions…

@athairbirb My go-to (without knowing anything about the ethical nature of production) is the Anker ergonomic. Revolutionary. I would never go back to a 'flat' mouse again. (they have wired and wifi versions, I use wifi)

@davidoclubb @athairbirb
Do you need to do anything special to get that wifi version working on linux? I still have a HP wifi mouse laying around here somewhere that I never even got working on Windows. Maybe it's time I gave it another try on Linux?

@davidoclubb @athairbirb

Nevermind, I tried reviving this mouse a while back. Found this post:

And this doesn't seem to work any more and go _way_ above my skill level anyway 😅

I'm going to declare the mouse dead, for the third time :)

@davidoclubb that is a wild mouse! Looks like it'd be a little more comfy to hold

@athairbirb @davidoclubb I've been using the exact same model mouse both at work and at home (including for playing first-person shooters) for four years now and indeed once you get used to it it's pretty comfy. I initially switched because I was starting to experience carpal tunnel pains, and it has not happened again since so yeah it's really ergonomic.

I can confirm it works out of the box in both Windows and Linux

@melunaka @athairbirb there's a drop down flag in the top right that changes the company location. eBay also worth a look 👍👍

Got that one, too. Works without any hassle on Manjaro. Love it. Except you are gonna haul it off the desk for the first two to four weeks while reaching out for it. 😁

@athairbirb Not wired but I love my (horribly named) MX Master 25 (Logitech). Probably about as ethical as any other major tech firm though.

@aral @athairbirb I would have also pointed into the direction of Logitech due to the quality and longlivity of their products.
I am currently using the MX Anywhere 3 which I could absolutly recommend to anyone.

@aramloosman @aral @athairbirb same here. I am an happy user of a MX Anywhere 2S and would recommend it.

@x44203 many thanks, hearing plaudits for Logitech mice. So shall take a look there

I'm not entirely up to date on it and need a new mouse though, or fix the MMB on mine, lol. Hmm, maybe check the manuals / datasheets / technical data if they support saving to flash...
@aza_leah You had a problem with one not saving the configuration under Linux, right? (Was that Logitech?)

@x44203 @athairbirb No, my MX Ergo sends different buttons fine and I can map them in X11. My Razer on Windows doesn't save config, but that's due to their sucky tooling, not a hw issue.

@athairbirb There is this:

Do not know it myself, and apparently the shortage of buttons does not serve your requirements.

@blizzz That's the only one I'd come across that was ethical and yes, I was saddened to see it was only 3 buttons 😦

thank you for the link

@athairbirb I have a Logitech g502, and it is supported by libratbag/piper, which allows me to configure it fine from Linux.

@athairbirb but I have g900, and I don't know if it's linux compatible, but i'm just assuming it is.

@athairbirb Have no bought one because shipping fees to from Canada to Europe add another 33% to the price.

@ghostdancer thank you for that link. That looks really interesting. It's too expensive for what I can afford :(

Bummer, they are offering only up ti three buttons right now :/

@lazalatin thank you for that link. I'd come across them too. The three buttons really knocked it off the 'will buy' list. I'd hoped to see if they were making a newer model or updating it with more buttons, sadly it's behind a Facebook wall

@[email protected] Logitech mouses are (very) good. Using a MX Anywhere and G502, I love them. Especially the disengageable wheel

There are lots of community configuration tools/drivers under Linux for Logitech mouses, so it may not be a problem to configure it.

Still, Logitech has the ethics of a worldwide corporation…

I had used a Corsair harpoon RGB, which i've been configuring with ckb-next
But outside of updating the firmware once, and set better sensibility presets for me, it isn't really needed and is plug and play.
I do see some recomendations here, that i would have love to knew back then when i was replacing my old trusty MadCatz R.A.T. 3 and the infuriating udev rules i had to put on each new systems.

@athairbirb I haven't used it, but the closest that would come to ethical would probably be the Ploopy Mouse, which is fully open source and runs (customizable) QMK firmware. It's supposed to be high quality but does have probably a larger pricetag than you'd expect. (Or you can build it yourself for a lower cost.)

FWIW: They also make all sorts of trackballs too.

@athairbirb I have a couple of Elecom (Japanese brand) ones. They seem solid and I've had no trouble with them in Linux.

@bkhl @athairbirb Another recommendation for Elecom here. I have the Huge and my wife has the Deft Pro, except she prefers my Huge and so she's just... kinda... taken it ㄟ(ツ)ㄏ and my daughter really likes my wife's Deft Pro, so she's taken that, leaving me with that Anker vertical mouse that someone upthread recommended. Which is a good mouse if you have a surface it likes, and infuriating if you don't. We're an all-Linux household.

Buy a trackball and don't tell anyone basically

@bkhl @athairbirb I think trackballs have a bad rep because people's experience of them tends to be of the crap ones in, like, public computer terminals (you know the ones, with the stainless steel misery keyboards) or old arcade cabinets (huge heavy ball with enough momentum to trap your skin at the edges) but good computer trackballs are REALLY good and definitely worth a look. :)

@ifixcoinops @athairbirb I checked though and if someone really wants a mouse, Elecom makes some of those too, even though the trackballs are more well known.

@ifixcoinops @bkhl @athairbirb I've been using Kensington Orbit trackballs for 5+ years with desktops or occasionally with laptops. I liked the first one so much that I bought a second, knowing that tech gadgets tend to go out of stock quickly. Once I started using trackballs I stopped using mice altogether. I find the trackball a lot more accurate, easier to clean and involves less hand/arm movement.

@athairbirb Delux M618 if you're a righty and a vertical mouse is your jam
Got 5 buttons total, forward-backward works on Linux without any configuration.


Dunno about ethics but the stock black wired Dell mouse was pretty good when I used it a couple of years back.

@athairbirb As a big surprise, the mouse brand I have used and liked most in Linux is my Microsoft mouse. Their hardware tends to be surprisingly good. (Drivers and software are not related to hardware.)

@LexPendragon ahh, magic thank you. I'm getting many a recommendation for them so they're in the short list 😁

@athairbirb I just got a Microsoft ergonomic mouse and really like it so far. Haven’t tried it in Linux but it works fine in macOS without any additional software

@athairbirb I used to use a Logitech G203 and be warned the scroll wheel is badly designed. It easily fills up with crud and over time the rubber tire over the wheel expands and gets stuck

@athairbirb I have multiple Logitech MX Anywhere 2S mice, and everything works out of the box.

The other Logitech mice I have work too, and the transceivers for the non-Bluetooth models have gotten firmware updates via fwupd.

@jollyrogue that's grand. That's the mouse that's had the most recommendations I think. Certainly the MX series has.
They're shortlisted for some researching, thank you!

Good to know about fwupd too


I have been incredibly with my Logitech Ergo MX. It’s a little bit on the expensive side, but not crazy expensive. But ergonomically, it’s better than any other mouse or trackball I’ve used, without being super weird (like those vertical ones).

It’s USB Wireless, so there’s a little USB dongle, and connects over RF, and you have to recharge the batteries with USB, which you can do while using it.

No compatibility issues. It just works. With the usual five buttons, with a scroll wheel on the middle button.

@athairbirb For better or worse I've always used (and been happy with) logitech wireless mice.
I'm feeling some information about their poor ethical practice's forthcoming though 😁

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