Are there good brands for computer mice?

Ethically produced would be top notch. Linux compatible is a must.

Mouse wants: wired and around 5 buttons would be grand, so I can go back and forwards in browser.

Retoots appreciated.

@athairbirb Linux compatibility should be easy as the USB standard already includes support for 2d pointing devices. As long as the mouse doesn't have 10 buttons or any unusual special functions…

@daniel_bohrer I was just aware that brands like Logitech and Razer often have incompatibilities with Linux for reasons unknown, maybe it is the massive number of buttons they have and for 'Gamer gear' reasons

@athairbirb @daniel_bohrer

I had a Razor Chroma [series of adjectives] that was just perfect. Then a button went flakey so I bought the most similar model I could find and it’s kind of infuriating. It works on Linux but is too fast by default (on Ubuntu 18, anyway—20 seems to have fixed it.) It also launches its own software installer when plugged into a Windows PC that tries to sell you on their own cryptocurrency.

@athairbirb @daniel_bohrer I have absolutely no problem with my Logitech G Pro and another Logitech wireless mice, it works perfectly out of the box and some users have made a software to use the customisation option on Linux (with RGB and stuff) so I think most Logitech would be fine?

@Olomorn that's grand, I think Logitech is a good enough choice. Mny recommendations for them 😁

@athairbirb @daniel_bohrer Have you seen libratbag/Piper? Seems to work with our Logitech mouse! But yeeah.

A lot of Gaming Mice have onboard memory too, and the only thing you can't do with them completely out of the box on Linux is configure them (but configuring them on Windows and keeping the config for Linux works fine even without libratbag). Ours is like that.

(Uh, note that libratbag/Piper /only/ does onboard memory and not software-based remapping.)

@athairbirb @daniel_bohrer Oh yeah with Logitech's gaming mice, the extra buttons show up as a /keyboard/, not extra mouse buttons. So you can't just treat them as "mouse 4", "mouse 5" and shit in button assignments.

@IceWolf I hadn't even heard of it until today, so I can't reply with anything else 😆

It's been a world of discovery!

They often come with fancy software, but that's usually not needed. (except for substituting context-dependent hotkeys with button presses maybe, or "improve" on OS configuration options)

I'm using a Gigabyte M9600 ... three resolutions, notched wheel that also tilts sideways (how can anyone live without sidescrolling?), and two extra thumb keys (which I never use...). Everything works on many Linuxes, no problem, since 2015 or so.


@athairbirb @daniel_bohrer I use a Logitech G102 Prodigy, never had any linux issues with it
Never tried if the logitech mouse software works, though, since I just configured my DPI on windows and then the mouse stores the settings

@athairbirb My go-to (without knowing anything about the ethical nature of production) is the Anker ergonomic. Revolutionary. I would never go back to a 'flat' mouse again. (they have wired and wifi versions, I use wifi)

@davidoclubb @athairbirb
Do you need to do anything special to get that wifi version working on linux? I still have a HP wifi mouse laying around here somewhere that I never even got working on Windows. Maybe it's time I gave it another try on Linux?

@davidoclubb @athairbirb

Nevermind, I tried reviving this mouse a while back. Found this post:

And this doesn't seem to work any more and go _way_ above my skill level anyway 😅

I'm going to declare the mouse dead, for the third time :)

@davidoclubb that is a wild mouse! Looks like it'd be a little more comfy to hold

@athairbirb @davidoclubb I've been using the exact same model mouse both at work and at home (including for playing first-person shooters) for four years now and indeed once you get used to it it's pretty comfy. I initially switched because I was starting to experience carpal tunnel pains, and it has not happened again since so yeah it's really ergonomic.

I can confirm it works out of the box in both Windows and Linux

@jkb thank you, a fellow fedizen(?) has one that could be winging its way to me =) certainly worth a try!


@melunaka @athairbirb there's a drop down flag in the top right that changes the company location. eBay also worth a look 👍👍

Got that one, too. Works without any hassle on Manjaro. Love it. Except you are gonna haul it off the desk for the first two to four weeks while reaching out for it. 😁

@athairbirb Not wired but I love my (horribly named) MX Master 25 (Logitech). Probably about as ethical as any other major tech firm though.

@aral @athairbirb I would have also pointed into the direction of Logitech due to the quality and longlivity of their products.
I am currently using the MX Anywhere 3 which I could absolutly recommend to anyone.

@aramloosman @aral @athairbirb This thread makes me realize that the last time I bought a mouse was *only just* in this century.

@jens @aramloosman @aral thank yous for those recommendations. I will take a look at them! The MX series seems to be getting a lot of plaudits.

I wish my mouse was as resilient as yours Jens 😁

@jens @athairbirb @aral
I have always found that I am massively slower and less precise using a touchpad. Maybe I would just need to learn to use it properly though...

@aramloosman @athairbirb @aral Oh, a trackpad is largely useless for gaming, but I just do my more twitchy gaming on a console (less twitchy overall). I mostly miss a mouse when I have an urge to re-practice my rocket jumps in Quake.

@aramloosman @aral @athairbirb same here. I am an happy user of a MX Anywhere 2S and would recommend it.

@x44203 many thanks, hearing plaudits for Logitech mice. So shall take a look there

I'm not entirely up to date on it and need a new mouse though, or fix the MMB on mine, lol. Hmm, maybe check the manuals / datasheets / technical data if they support saving to flash...
@aza_leah You had a problem with one not saving the configuration under Linux, right? (Was that Logitech?)

@x44203 @athairbirb No, my MX Ergo sends different buttons fine and I can map them in X11. My Razer on Windows doesn't save config, but that's due to their sucky tooling, not a hw issue.

@athairbirb There is this:

Do not know it myself, and apparently the shortage of buttons does not serve your requirements.

@blizzz That's the only one I'd come across that was ethical and yes, I was saddened to see it was only 3 buttons 😦

thank you for the link

@claudius thank you, this MX series lends some good mouse experience. Shall be taking a look

@athairbirb regartding a fairly produced mouse: I know this project, but I have to admit that I never tried one myself. So I can't say if it's any good. It also does not have all the buttons you (or I) need. (german) or (english)

@athairbirb I have a Logitech g502, and it is supported by libratbag/piper, which allows me to configure it fine from Linux.

@athairbirb but I have g900, and I don't know if it's linux compatible, but i'm just assuming it is.

@athairbirb Have no bought one because shipping fees to from Canada to Europe add another 33% to the price.

@ghostdancer thank you for that link. That looks really interesting. It's too expensive for what I can afford :(

Bummer, they are offering only up ti three buttons right now :/

@lazalatin thank you for that link. I'd come across them too. The three buttons really knocked it off the 'will buy' list. I'd hoped to see if they were making a newer model or updating it with more buttons, sadly it's behind a Facebook wall Logitech mouses are (very) good. Using a MX Anywhere and G502, I love them. Especially the disengageable wheel

There are lots of community configuration tools/drivers under Linux for Logitech mouses, so it may not be a problem to configure it.

Still, Logitech has the ethics of a worldwide corporation…

I had used a Corsair harpoon RGB, which i've been configuring with ckb-next
But outside of updating the firmware once, and set better sensibility presets for me, it isn't really needed and is plug and play.
I do see some recomendations here, that i would have love to knew back then when i was replacing my old trusty MadCatz R.A.T. 3 and the infuriating udev rules i had to put on each new systems.

@athairbirb I haven't used it, but the closest that would come to ethical would probably be the Ploopy Mouse, which is fully open source and runs (customizable) QMK firmware. It's supposed to be high quality but does have probably a larger pricetag than you'd expect. (Or you can build it yourself for a lower cost.)

FWIW: They also make all sorts of trackballs too.

@athairbirb I have a couple of Elecom (Japanese brand) ones. They seem solid and I've had no trouble with them in Linux.

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