Scottish Salmon, news. 

Tavish Scott's in The Times (1) asking to be able to kill seals because half a million of his salmons are being eaten by seals.

Meanwhile, the salmon industry in Scotland is 'wasting' salmon by the millions. ~40% of their stock goes to waste (2).
Their solution? Intensify and murder.

Avoid eating that lice infested shite.


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Scottish Salmon, news. 

In the ferret article, they have a picture of a 'Gogar' lorry.

I used to pass these lorries daily. Sometimes more than once and I always wondered what they carried as they were stinkin to drive behind.

Turns out they were loaded with salmon that were going to 'waste'.

Scottish Salmon, news. 

@athairbirb *Cries in nephew-of-a-fisherman*

Scottish Salmon, news. 

I've never heard of a Gogar lorry but near where I grew up there was a burn called Gogarburn. RBS has its HQ near it - they stink.

Scottish Salmon, news. 

@athairbirb Did not know about The Ferret, seems cool, thanks!

Scottish Salmon, news. 

@jfml they're really good! They often report on things ahead of when things hit mainstream news.

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