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A quick look at data on Switzerland indicates that the vast majority of covid deaths (~90%) are accounted for by people over the age of 80 who are not vaccinated

Does this not imply that the great majority of deaths comes from voluntary non-vaccination in the group of people are aware of what death means?

I fail to make a convincing argument for current corona measures given this information.


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@douginamug do you think it's a form, albeit quite different, to assisted suicide?

I remember my Grandad having an "if it's my time, it's my time" attitude when lots of people near him were catching it. I think that was slightly before the roll-outs of vaccine

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@athairbirb I know what you mean... it's a bit different though. That attitude doesn't necessarily mean people want to die, but are willing to accept the risk. More like not wearing a seatbelt or something.

But yes, I do see there being a specific, voluntary element which seems to get ignored in the discourse. If these people want to take the disproportionate risk, why don't we let them?

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@douginamug I think, previously certainly, the risk was not to them alone. It extended to those in their environs and visiting.

I know healthcare has a keep-alive-at-all-costs mentality to healthcare in UK (probably west-wide tbh) and it's something I didn't see in veterinary care, which was refreshing and more humane.

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@athairbirb @douginamug There is an important ethical difference between taking actions deliberately to hasten death and not taking unusual actions to forestall it. (Unless you're a consequentialist.)

It's true that some old people are ready to go. Pneumonia used to be called "the old man's friend".

In the case of Switzerland, I think we need more information to know why so many octogenarians aren't vaccinated.

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