UKPol, Channel 4 

So it seems Channel 4 is being privatised.

Is that because they asked difficult questions during the UKGovs poor handling of a pandemic?

Perhaps it's also because, when the PM didn't bother to turn up to a debate, they replace him with an ice-sculpture, which melted.

Perhaps it's also because a former head of Ch4 called the PM a liar.

Ach no, UKGov is definitely doing it to better provide for the public...

UKPol, Channel 4 

There is a petition but it has to be checked before it can be made available on the governments site.

I will link as and when I next see it


Here is a petition for UKGov to not privatise Channel 4.

Boosts appreciated, especially within 🇬🇧

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UKPol, Channel 4, twitter thread - community ownership?! 

It seems a community run thing _could_ be possible, though would require many people popping money in.

I hope someone is able to give it a go, I'd wager I'd pop £25 in for a share to get it going.

@Wizardofosmium do those petitions count toward getting it discussed in parliament? I've always wondered

As far as I'm aware the only one they have to respond to is the one on the parliament website. The others are more like opinion polls, I might be wrong though.

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