Watching 'Fernando' on Amazon Prime and loving it.

Realy enjoying these shows about prominent racing drivers that are being aired before they die.

I also want to visit Asturias.

I need to visit Oviedo but properly this time.

Not en route to getting a train to wherever it was I went originally in Spain

Ortigeuira! That was it, dashed slow brain.

I'd like to visit there, again, too.

Perhaps find that township where I stayed last time (I can't find it on a map and don't recall its name) and see if the folk there remember the young Scots who visited briefly, years ago 😀


what memories attached to that trip.

Having some Spanish folk looking out us, chasing a bag-thief out of the resteraunt whilst we eat chocolate soup in San Sebastian.

Car breaking down in France, getting stuck in Dax, crossing into Spain on foot to get back on the train we just stepped off.
Getting a night-bus and then getting a local train where we were pulled off by many armed police, hands-on-guns.

Then the fun shit. Learning to surf, having no running water, eating unsurpassed food.

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it was enough of a holiday to last a very long time.

We stayed in a cockroach infested hotel in Bordeaux as well.

Where we stayed in O Cristo had pigs feet in the lower levels of the house, just strewn about. Lots of adorable tiny lizards.

Being involved with what felt like a drug deal but was for some barnacles, probably illegally harvested tbh.

Got a phonecall from car insurance whilst on holiday to say my payment bounced, which didn't matter because I no longer had a car. It broke down in France and cost so much we couldn't afford, so they kept the car. 1,000 euros IIRC.

Must've been like a rabbit in headlights the whole time. A teuchter abroad, what could go wrong? Everything.

@athairbirb jesus! is there any hostel (?) there? Not that I had seen 🤣

I was **exactly** there few months ago Nice (and quiet) place, not as quiet as...

was it the reason for your trip? 😃

@ghose my trip, so long ago, was actually to help someone clean a house that they had bought.
I have no idea if they're still there or not and I can't recall their name.

That is incredible that you were there, exactly, so recently!

@ghose I enjoyed looking at the pictures in your blog post there.
Makes me want to visit again as I didn't do enough exploring of the area, at all.

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