Met a few USians today. A couple from Cincinati, Idaho and a man from Puerto Rico, now in New Jersey.

Cinci lady wanted a photo with Highland Cattle but the cows were subdued because of the heat (24C) so couldn't, which was sad but she showed me photos of her gorgeous Pyrenees doggo and her husvamd showed me photos of his smoker that holds two whole turkeys!

NJ man wanted to know about goats as he was once chased by a herd by Loch Lomond and didn't know much about them

The couple had these clan t-shirt which I've taken a while to find but I have found. An example of which is here 👇

I have never come across such a hostile website. It goes into "maintenance mode" when it loads, so I have to stop loading after pics load but before it finishes.

They're quite tasteless but I really enjoy that about it. The design is one I haven't come across before either, this diagonal split which was new to me.

I asked what site it was but they couldn't remember.

the more I look at it, the more I want to buy one in one of my clans tartans.

I know I shouldn't buuuuuut

This is a rabbit hole I will be lost in a for a while, there is literally everything on that site.

Should be renamed Tartan Everything .com

@tfb it certainly looked it! I told them about the old peat smoked fish, prpbably herring, that would've been caught and smoked in the centre of a house.
Yer man now wants to use some peat for his smoker

@athairbirb That's some good cultural cross-pollination !

@daniel_bohrer because aggressively telling people, anonymously, that you are of Scottish heritage is very important 😁

You've got me in it now. Apparently my family has a tartan I'd never thought to look it up before

@athairbirb this has such a weird combination of scottish culture and aggressive US vibes lol

@athairbirb @Wizardofosmium @balrogboogie I thought this whole “clan tartan” thing was modern piffle:

Something to do with a couple of Poles in Edinburgh milking tourists in the early 19th C or some such. Wikipedia has a similar story to one I read elsewhere:

Might be from the same original dubious source, of course.

@edavies @Wizardofosmium @balrogboogie tartanry as we know it today is fabricated (lol) but there were tartans about because, well, it's just weaving fabric with different colours to form pattern.

So there would have been regional variation because of local plant dyes and whatnot.

Don't think we should dismiss tartan though as it's been adopted by both resident and diaspora Scots

@athairbirb @edavies @Wizardofosmium @balrogboogie
Tartan existed looong before the 19th century. Originally, most tartans were regional. Weavers would produce certain tartans which everyone in a locality would wear. However, it was also the case that many people in a locality would belong to the same clan. An association was bound to happen.

19th century romanticism led to an increase in the adoption of tartan, and many new ones were designed. So what?

We should be proud of our tartans.

@athairbirb Not at all suggesting dismissing tartan, just the idea that specific tartans for specific clans has any historical depth.

@Wizardofosmium @balrogboogie

@athairbirb "chased by herd of goats", oh so he probably had food that he wanted to eat himself? :D

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