Close encounter with a deer on the way home

Are polls popular on Mastodon?

Turns out you all just like pressing buttons.
I think I'm going to enjoy it here 😄

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Good morning! Out and about today after 2 desk days.

Here's an old grave from Kettins, Perthshire - let's call it Headstone of the day (an occasional series)


If you are interested in gardening and plants and/or want more pretty in your timeline...

Use and follow, in particular:

You can also use:
#Gardening #Plants #ForestGardens #Permaculture etc.

Plus, if you follow @plants you'll get any toots from people who include this account in their toots when they are sharing plant pics etc. You can add this to your toots about plants etc too.


Are polls popular on Mastodon?

Went down to see the flowering Cherry trees at Dollar a few days ago, spectacular! 🌸🌸🌸

Every time I go to use an emoji on here it keeps suggesting one in particular: :blobfearsweat: :blobfearsweat: :blobfearsweat:

A reminder: People here appreciate follow requests, but please check a user’s bio and pinned toots before you send yours! They may contain some important information you may want to know in terms of boundaries and expectations.

For example, some people will not accept requests from total strangers, so they’ll ask you to interact with them in a mention or in a dm first. Do not take it personally, they do it to protect themselves from bad users!


Hello Everyone. Some of you will know us from Twitter, others won’t so….this is the social media account for the Dartmoor Collective.
The Collective celebrates the glorious, and often damp, landscape of Dartmoor National Park through the promotion of contemporary visual arts and artists working on the Moor.
All of which sounds terribly righteous. We are open, inclusive and welcoming to all, whether from Dartmoor or not, whether an artist or not.

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