Forgot to tell you all, sorry. Awarded myself the "drove home from work with no sidelights on" badge yesterday. It's the little things.

Not wishing to worry and no guarantee of accuracy but we'd people round for dinner tonight, 1 of whom is a GP and 1 a consultant. The other 4 of us have no connection to medicine. Was suggested that 60% of 'us' will contract this coronavirus (spelling??) of whom 1% will die. If true, a tad scary. So, your office has 200 staff, 120 will get the virus & 1 will die. ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

The Yoons are howling on twitter tonight - much nicer here. God knows what's upset them this time. Must be stressful for them, all this hatred, bile and bitterness.

Work update - spared from redundancy which is a great relief. It's been a long 2 & 1/2 weeks of uncertainty.

Minor victory today, Toots! It's the minor ones that give the most pleasure - drove to work with only the running lights on - 1st time this year. Drove home on sidelights and not headlights - 1st time this year.
I can now say I have a double first. ๐Ÿ˜Š

hey guys its my birthday can i get some boosts

FYI! Pint of Greene King IPA in the Beer House Bar at Edinburgh Waverley (very nice pint if politically suspect) ยฃ4.60.
Half pint of Greene King IPA ยฃ2.70!!!!
Beware tootsters!

Morning all, just a heads up! Off to the fitba today, Benburb v Clydebank. (Little known fact - until recently, Benburb had the largest covered terracing in Scottish fitba - a sign of times gone by) Not in the best frame of mind as a redundancy process has been announced at work so quite worried.
Anyway, strong drink will be taken so please ignore any toots after, let's say, 7pm today.

Tweet from @msm_monitor:

Why did BBC Scotland word its headline so poorly that it could have been mistakenly read as Scotland *refusing* to offer help instead of the English NHS refusing an offer of help from Scotland?

How did a headline that implied the *opposite* of the truth make it past the editors?

No, only 616 out of more than 18 THOUSAND did. Herald (and BBC) headline a survey that would fail a Primary 5 project.

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