FYI! Pint of Greene King IPA in the Beer House Bar at Edinburgh Waverley (very nice pint if politically suspect) £4.60.
Half pint of Greene King IPA £2.70!!!!
Beware tootsters!

Morning all, just a heads up! Off to the fitba today, Benburb v Clydebank. (Little known fact - until recently, Benburb had the largest covered terracing in Scottish fitba - a sign of times gone by) Not in the best frame of mind as a redundancy process has been announced at work so quite worried.
Anyway, strong drink will be taken so please ignore any toots after, let's say, 7pm today.

An excellent night was had by all. Seems ages ago all the same.
The proclaimers in Melrose:

Tweet from @msm_monitor:

Why did BBC Scotland word its headline so poorly that it could have been mistakenly read as Scotland *refusing* to offer help instead of the English NHS refusing an offer of help from Scotland?

How did a headline that implied the *opposite* of the truth make it past the editors?

Happy New Year everyone, let's hope 2020 is an historic one. 😘

No, only 616 out of more than 18 THOUSAND did. Herald (and BBC) headline a survey that would fail a Primary 5 project.

Just realised that this Mastodon thiñgy reminds me of Twitter when I first joined it at the start of 2011. Sort of peaceful, sort of nice, sort of quietish, sort of quirky. I wonder how long it will stay like this. 🤔

Morning all, hope you all had a lovely Christmas.
Today, I'm going on a walk that might be muddy.
I don't do walks so keep your fingers crossed!

Merry Christmas to all. Here's to an independent Scotland.

Slightly confused and .Scot seems to be taking shape. Should I or why should I also open a . social account?

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