In my work place, mainly English and almost all higher rate tax payers, at least four people have said they'd voted no last time but would be yes next time. Anyone else have a feel for whether there's been a shift to yes lately, either family, work, or friends?


@Gazzz wife voted no, son just missed out by 2 weeks, both now yes. 6 best friends all yes, 2 were no 2014. 6 best family couples were were 8 no & 4 yes & now 11 yes & 1 yes if EU membership guaranteed. I genuinely feel that the polls are not at all representative. I know of no-one who has switched from yes to no.
In 2014 I forecast that 35% yes in the Scottish Borders would have seen yes win nationwide. Iirc it was 32% - 38% voted SNP last week. Take from that what you will.

@bordersbankie sounds very promising. I agree the polls are under representative, based upon the shifts I've seen and heard of. Thanks for the detailed reply!

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