Very interesting presentation by Business For Scotland at their launch event. Big thanks to Independence Live for covering the event for those of us who couldn't be there or didn't know about it.

Treated myself to a wee gift pack to help the cause. You can too, at:

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Can we ask a favour? Please will you Retoot? Our lad is in Paisley and looking for a job. Currently in food retail, has KP experience in a busy pub working for well respected chef. Science, maths background at school to higher level, took Adv higher physics. Started degree in Mech eng but would rather get into workplace and work his way up. Ta in advance.

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leftovers day! no epic cooking to do, and all the hurly burly done. is this not your favourite day?

anyway here's something you might find interesting..

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Here is a note for people still using the Web interface.
Did you know you can quickly get emojis without clicking the smiley icon - by typing : and then the word eg : santa or : christmas (without the spaces)
hope this helps - this is your Christmas present haha

When it comes to indyref2, I'm as anxious about postal votes as the next person. I was reassured however, by reading the following:
Referendums (Scotland) Bill, Schedule 1, Part 3,
Postal voting: issue and receipt of ballot papers (skip to page 39)

Can't believe it's Christmas Eve and this is what I'm concerned with 😜

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@arthurstramash @withaveeay
By being on different servers also more difficult to shut down. I see obvious attraction to .scot, but pointed out from a mod that if we’re across different servers, then it’s harder to find all of us

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Ok figured this thing out might help others, on iPhone I’m using Amaroq app, it won’t let me follow back people on a different instance, to get around it here’s what i did. Click on bars bottom right click on ‘about this instance’ then click back to mastodon, it takes you to a browser version not the app version you can follow back people on a different instance.

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HELP!! I've transferred to .scot and managed to lose all the people I followed and who had followed me back. Really sorry - very handless at all this bloody new technology. If you don't mind could you re-follow me please - she said, banging her head off the computer.

I took the plunge and deleted my old .social account. The sky didn't fall and I'm still here on .scot 😀
I like to keep things tidy 👌

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TIL, there's a "...primarily intended for (but not limited to) users in Scotland or who identify as Scottish."

Admin is @trumpet

Just in time for #TwitterExodusScotland

Woohoo - sucsessfully migrated to Its like a badge of honour 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 I'm a total geek 😂

This is a Mastodon instance primarily intended for (but not limited to) users in Scotland or who identify as Scottish.