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It is very difficult for white people on the fedi to accept people that don't look like them have a very different experience in these spaces.

White folks actively look for people to affirm their biases and call this diversity rather than not taking the easy way out and just learning something new.

This is the baseline culture for a lot of instances. This behavior is acceptable in alleged progressive spaces.

And this is one of the main obstacles to us coming together.

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in meditation: boundaries do not diminish love; they improve the conditions for it to exist.

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This is great news!

MSPs agree to allow foreign nationals and some prisoners to vote

"HOLYROOD has passed historic new legislation that will give foreign nationals and some prisoners the right to vote in Scottish elections."


a post bop, free jazz album with the opening track being a dialogue between cello and alto sax with sweet drums and bass keeping time while dancing in the fourth dimension? this album fills a need you were not even aware you had. eric dolphy's Out There.

alto sax, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet: Eric Dolphy
bass: George Duvivier
cello: Ron Carter
drums: Roy Haynes


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"The meaningful threat of garbage language — the reason it is not just annoying but malevolent — is that it confirms delusion as an asset in the workplace."

Molly Young on corporate garbage language:


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The Trump administration is sending elite units, the equivalent of Border Patrol SWAT teams, to sanctuary cities to help ICE round up undocumented immigrants. These tactical teams will be an interesting and not scary at all choice from a government that claims a commitment to federalism and local sovereignty.

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A fight in #Wyndford shortly after 2 pm today.

Before it could be seen, it could be heard. The front entrance of the 151 block was obstructed by five men throwing fists, the fight sounds punctuated by a lively shrieking woman. A handful of people in the high flat were were leaning out their windows, some observing the commotion, others participating by dropping items out the window. The man who fell to the ground from repeated blows, nose and mouth bloody, retreated into the 151 block foyer.

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Lots of friends have taken a NYT quiz to determine what US presidential candidate is best for your political views, and have been shocked with the results. I don't trust the quiz. How about this one?

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Two things about this,
1) this is a good way to put the headline, it definitely makes clear the ungodly amount of wealth Bezos has vs the headlines with just the purchase price.
2) Fuck Bezos and his sickening amount of money

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So clyde properties are anti-independence keep sharing this information folks far and wide. Please see the screenshot below. They posted this then deleted it.. Too late though it was seen far and wide.

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Holy shit

It's no wonder the U.S. wants backdoors into encryption so fucking bad. They had it once for half the world and now they want it again.


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“It is highly disturbing that we still have to have to say this, but websites dealing with such sensitive topics should not track their users for marketing purposes. Your mental health is not and should never be for sale.”


hard and post bop jazz driven by the piano? most definitely. here is Thelonius Monk's "Memories of You" from the album It's Monk's Time from 1964. it is most groovy.

piano: Thelonious Monk
bass: Butch Warren
tenor saxophone: Charlie Rouse
drums: Ben Riley


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Bong Joon Ho has been making fantastic films for a long time and Kang-ho Song has been one of the finest actors in the world for more than two decades.

There's just so much talent out there that rarely gets any attention because it doesn't fit a particular narrative here in the States.

But people are creating amazing and compelling stories everyday.

It's a big whole creative world out there. Sometimes, I think we forget how big it is.

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