"describes the UK in its fundamental principles saying, “the United Kingdom is a voluntary union of the UK nations and parts expressed through informed and democratic processes.”" weegingerdug.wordpress.com/201

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Time for a wee poll on voting intention for Holyrood 2021.
LIST vote, NOT constitiency:

Scottish nationalism will be a historic thing, taught in schools to explain where the Scottish republic came from.

It will also be used to teach children the difference between pernicious nationalism of empire and exceptionalism and aspiration of a people for a national vehicle of self expression.

But in the end, Scottish nationalism has no value in itself, and can’t be used—as British nationalism is—to rile people up and get votes by populists.

ends nationalism and starts Scotland.

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"Scotland is an ancient nation. Our sovereignty is derived from the people, not from the Crown. The people now wish to take back that sovereignty from Westminster and return it to Scotland. It is the people themselves who will now lead the way to do that, starting in Glasgow on 11 January." - Craig Murray

This is important. My (small) business, like thousands of others, has been helped since the removal of this rate.

@Lexiisaboy @arthurstramash @LadyLyon well that tory in 2005 that got caught trying to use dodgy postal votes. He will have given them the idea how to do it. Theyll have trialled it in 07 and in the ref and every election since. Explains the sudden rise in Tories in Scotland too in 17 (my opinion legal folk)

"Scotland has 5,425,000 citizens and 34% of entire UK natural wealth.

rUK has 55,000,000 citizens and 66% of entire UK natural wealth.

On a population basis, Scotland has 20 times more per citizen.

How is it Scotland can't survive as an independent country but the UK can?"

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"An attempt to end the vital business rates relief schemes has been made by Labour and Conservative MSPs, perhaps because it stands as a very popular SNP Government policy. Last week, MSPs of both parties voted for a Green amendment" businessforscotland.com/labour via @BizforScotland

"Despite the fact that thousands of small Scottish businesses continue to face huge uncertainty due to the ongoing Brexit chaos, Labour and Conservative MSPs have voted to worsen the situation by withdrawing nearly £300 million of rates reliefs" businessforscotland.com/labour

Anyone who believes schemers in London can do better for the people of Scotland than Scots in Edinburgh hasn’t been paying attention—for a very long time.

It is very hard to understand how Scots can support the Union. It’s out of comfort, ignorance, fear, or greed because it can’t be from a clear-eyed look at the facts and logic of the Union.

The only other explanation is that they truly “feel British” and to them Scottish is the same as being from Liverpool.

But that’s not good enough.

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