In Scotland, we don't have to worry about the Tories; it's Scottish Labour we have to beat. Glasgow North is a marginal seat, won by the by little more than 1000 votes last time. At this election, it's imperative that we re-elect Patrick Grady. We need a rout of , Scotland's most right-wing major party.

If you like the novels and stories of Bart Lessard, you can find him on Mastodon:

There's a wonderful, incantatory poem by Babs Nicgriogair, in Gaelic and English, on Dockyard Press' Harbourmaster's Lough:

When I lived in America, I celebrated in the traditional way, by giving my neighbours blankets infected with smallpox, then moving into their homes after they died.

Clive James has died aged 80, a decade after he received a terminal diagnosis. His poem Japanese Maple, published 5 years ago, is a marvel:


"As practice deepens, we fade away." — Daishin Stephenson

Of the Three Treasures — the , the and the — the most essential is the Sangha, because it contains the other two.

Bad to the Bone, Saturday’s event in Dunbar with me, Tony Black, Shona MacLean and Douglas Skelton, went very well… aside from when a Tory asked the American novelist Bart Lessard, who’s in the process of applying for residency in Scotland, where he owns a house, “What are you bringing to the United Kingdom?” (Hope for the dissolution of said nation.)

Alongside Wrecked by Tony Black, Dockyard Press has published Whoop! Whoop! : a Juggalo Noir by Icy Thug Nutz. It has a character named Barrington Grahamford, aka Barry the Dick.

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