The civil service took steps to prevent women having to work alone with Alex Salmond at night, his trial has been told.

Chris Birt, a Scottish government civil servant, said new rotas were drawn up after two female colleagues told him about alleged incidents involving Mr Salmond.

But he said the new policy was never formally written down.

Judge Lady Dorrian told Salmond: "In light of the decision of the advocate depute, I formally acquit you of charge six on the indictment."

Alex Salmond formally acquitted of a charge of sexual assault

Alex Salmond has been formally acquitted of a charge of sexual assault after the Crown offered no evidence

One charge against him involving a tenth woman was dropped today, as the prosecution case against the former First Minister came to and end.Salmond denies all changes against him.

Woman B said the alleged sexual assault happened in the drawing room of the First Minister's official Bute House residence one evening in late 2010 while she was alone with Mr Salmond

it was only dropped because it was she said he said > in other words < which doesn't mean it didn't happen > and that was one of 14 let's not forget

why people still support this creep is beyond me

not only support him but actually help fund his defence

I've hated Salmond since he got into bed with Trump and helped trump overturn a Scottish court law on demolishing a scientific site where Trump's now FAILED golf course sits

how may locals have jobs from that? that were promised hmmmmm last count was 5 to 7 locals actually work there

Salmond is and always has been a fuckin weasel and a Russian UI, useful idiot, by being on RT

Russia know how to play useful idiots with big egos

they people are the easiest in the world to be played and other SNP clowns appearing on Salmonds show are just as bad imo


Alex Salmond accused of being 'useful idiot' as he is urged to quit RT chat show

Mr Salmond added: “It is rather like saying they won’t appear on the BBC, because the British government are selling arms to Saudi Arabia, and bombing helpless people in the Yemen, as the Saudi Arabians are.”

his defence ladies and gentlemen

weasel of a man

two wrongs don't make a right


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