Interesting that the Beeb are picking up on the Wellbeing Economy Alliance's "Failure Demand" report.

So I work in a part of Glasgow that is still set in its fossilised ways - increasingly anachronistic in the brave new rainbow Scotland that is birthing under our very eyes. Sad really. But I won't shed a tear when such attitudes die out. As they will. Cos they're not powered by a desire for peace, love and understanding.

Fab XR action as part of the Peace Lotus campaign, a global day of anti-war resistance coordinated celebrating the anniversary of the end of the Vietnam war.

Here's to the radicalisation of Planters!

An event that may be of interest to folks on May 12th 8pm with Peter Kravitz the editor of Edinburgh Review (relaunched in 1984), and the director of the student-run Polygon Press in the period when launched the careers of James Kelman, Janice Galloway and Agnes Owens (among others). Details in the article below - a nod to the publications that encouraged us "to get above ourselves " ! All part of the continuum.
Ghosts ( NTS) new theatre experience exploring Glasgow's Slavery Past & Legacy . Debate, downloadable app to walk you through the dark truth underpinnig the Merchant City etc. Pretty vital cultural intervention !

yeah, and?
( Tories in Essex getting hot under the collar apparently)

As a long timer in the co-operative and peace movements, i've always believed that the means are the ends in the making. There are no short-cuts. Walking the talk is a learning process at every stage, should it have the necessary humility and integrity. I see neither quality reflected in the new Alba Party. Mike Small's post on Bella today spoke true. I sincerely hope the Scottish electorate can see through the vanity and bluster of this particular project.
Bella looking for support to finance their fantastic roster of freelancers. If you're able, chip in a wee dod!

Moe good news!
Following concerted lobbying by Co-operatives UK and the Cross Party Group on Co-ops, Scottish Government has included housing co-operatives in its ‘Housing to 2040’ strategy."

Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. Just drop the first comma. Then you've a Bill fit for purpose.

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