Heh, the June 1990 video is closer to how I remember this line than the current June 2020 video is. And I've ridden both the Expo 86 and Millennium cars, and I really preferred the original Expo cars. Especially their liveries and the fact you had to push a button to open the door. #Vancouver #Canada

I truly believe that decolonizing is a pathway out of the shit show we find ourselves in. Decolonizing is for everyone, but it isn’t the same for everyone. For those of us who are mixed, I think we hold a really unique space in this- a very important role of healing our lineages and bringing them together. It is, after all, what we are.

Where are my radical #anarchist #indigenous folx at???? Where my gun-toting, ceremony-holdin’, drumming and singing in the streets #natives at??? Where my tiny house warrior supporting natives at? Where my blocking train tracks through the reserve folx at? I am still learning to navigate this forum but I feel like there has to be more people here than what I’m finding.

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