This is what you get when your typewriter has an affair with church organ.

Did you know that the famous Hollywood sign originally spelled out "Hollywoodland"?

The sign was created in 1923 to promote a property development business. Every letter was encrusted with light bulbs which allowed the sign to first illuminate (flash) "Holly", then "wood", then "land" and finally the whole name.

A maintenance agreement (1949) between the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce & the City of Los Angeles led to a stipulation that the "land" be removed.

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WordPress' "reader" page includes a search box with random keyword selections. Today's selection was "Delicious, Woodworking, Vegan" which, now I wanna see the blog roundup of "Delicious Vegan Woodworking Recipes: 30-Minute Sawdust Dinners."

The first patch for the new iOS app is already available - thanks for your feedback!

Upgrade the app in the App Store to get the latest improvements:

Hello, world!

This is the first toot from an official account for #Glimpse, a new fork of the GNU Image Manipulation Program.

Follow me for updates on this cool new project.

mate-user-guide-1.23.0.tar.xz released by MATE Desktop Team

"Google’s new reCAPTCHA has a dark side"

Oh, really? It wasn't all philantropy in the first place?! What a f**** suprise!!!

Training the Empire's robots has never been so fun!

#FuckOffGoogle #FuckOffAlphabet

I want to be able to tell my friends why #mastodon is better than the birdsite, so I wrote a thing: "Mastodon Is Better than Twitter: Elevator Pitch"

I want this to be as persuasive as possible to outsiders, so I'd appreciate as much feedback as possible from Mastodon users

if any philosophers, ancient or otherwise, are here on the fediverse there might be a place for you at

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Three time winner ownCloud has been nominated yet again in the category 'File Sharing & Collaboration' for the Cloud Computing Insider 2019 Award. Help us bring this one home for a fourth time! 🧡
Find details in this post:


Here it is, the first release candidate of Telephant 0.1:

Static binaries for Linux & Windows are ready to download! Arch users can simply install "telephant-git" from the AUR.

Packages for other Linux distros and a macOS binary will follow soon!

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