This the preview trailer for "Lunatics!" ep. 1 "No Children in Space", made much later (2019), with a number of updated animations, though there's still some that needs replacing.

Alas, the episode is still unfinished, but I'm getting closer!

:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa: 4.0

Full credits on the episode page.

Asking the AI how to kill god 

@bgcarlisle Are we talking the Abrahamic God? Because if we're not and it's just a god who likes lightning, I bet we could get a Tesla coil and use it to seduce Zeus to his death or to attract Thor into getting eaten by a giant serpent.

Abacuysnth is a inspired by an , the ancient counting tool used all around the world. Just like an abacus is used to learn the fundamentals of math, the Abacusynth can be used to explore the building blocks of

I would have killed for one of these back in the day. My 1541s were always slow AF. I was really glad when the #1581 drive came out.

How compatible is the ? (A of the disk drive)


Unbelievable. and the really need to think long and hard about what happens next. It seems that the has a change agenda now that there is a 6-3 majority.

strikes down concealed

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