We love freedom 0, the freedom to run the program as you wish, for any purpose. Boost this post to share this freedom! Read more at gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.en.

I’ve had a mastodon account for a long time, but with all this new interest and a potential buyout by a certain blood diamond billionaire, I’m going to try using mastodon first and synchronising my posts with Twitter. Let’s see if it works!

The people behind #WorldIntellectualPropertyDay are in favor of slapping "all rights reserved" on everything they can. But with #copyleft, all wrongs are reversed! Read and share: u.fsf.org/3l9

hello! we're a #queer #yiddish #anarchist pay-what-you-can down to £0 café in glasgow, scotland

the food, the music, and the language is multi-cultural: yiddish, scottish, & more

we run irl and livestreamed queer, jewish, yiddish, and anarchist events

we're an interfaith collective who are mostly queer, mostly trans, many jewish, many goyish, and all anarchists.

sometimes direct action is burning a polis car; sometimes it's feeding people 🍇

אַ מאָל „טאָאָטן“ מיר אויף יִדיש אויך!


I can't wait to get my #Pinephone so I can text people "GNU phone, who dis?"


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