Fuck sake I am off twitter because of those trannys and I've stumbled on tranny talk in here...

Not been on for a wee while.... proud of all the Scottish March folk who stood up for Scotland!!! Wish I could gave been there.. work had to come first.

Speaking to a friend of my Dads today... he will be doing the March on the 11th January in Glasgow... he had some very interesting stories about Scottish oil... and us as a nation having about 150 years worth of the stuff in Scottish sea beds....! Interesting day today! If you are not following me on twitter do you want pics and a wee video of Cove?

Good on Dad... we put the flag up today! Safe to say cove is a YES to

On twitter... now on here! @Jacobitejen followed your instructions. @KCJCove on new account Twitter... I'm from cove near poolewe in ross shire, and snp supporter, live in glasgow... bit lost on this. I swear not a yoon... got barred on old twitter account called boris Johnson a few choice words! Cheers.


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