Belgrade has a motorway straight through its centre, so the protest has brought the city to a halt.

It's funny how billionaires only work in absolute values. Like if you have -$1000, you have less than nothing, but if you have -$3,000,000,000, then you're clearly a billionaire.

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Found 90's parafinalia:

A poem about my parents, when they were living at the Faslane Peacecamp and a picture of us Peacecamp kids

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Tried to get internet back up.

- ISP: Can you press the Windows key for me?
- Stare at i3 desktop
- "Yes, but no, not really"

One day, my brothers, we will make the Shiboleet protocol law.

Congratulations to drugs for winning the war on drugs, and congrats to the Taliban for winning the war on terror.

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HR during hiring:

> Please see the forms on the website for further information.

HR currently:

> Don't email me just fill out the form motherfucker

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Hot take: traffice light are for cars, not cyclists.

Also, that's a historical fact, not an opinion - bikes were there first, and nobody needed traffic lights. They were made because cars need them to not kill people.

Also, if you're in the UK you've never paid road tax because it was abolished in 1927.

All flights to Belarus I can find have been cancelled. Looks like the EU's acting fast.

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