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"Now's the Day and Now's the Hour", says Bella Caledonia.
Except the "now" is 2021, after Brexshit so with Wastemonster completely out of control from EU institutions and no guarantee it would not swiftly legislate to erase Scotland and its institutions.

The absolute, overwhelming majority of countries that took independence from the BritNazi Establishment had to revolt against it.

Those that don't learn from their errors are bound to repeat them.

Not to pull you out of here over to the cesspit and time-wasting wasteland of Facebook, but I posted a recent musing there.
Feel fee to have a browse there and continue the discussion here.

"The story of capitalism is the central reality of everyone’s life. But it isn’t taught in high school. It’s not on TV. All societies maintain what anthropologists call “social silence” about the society’s most significant subjects. As Tett puts it, what matters most “is not discussed because those topics are considered boring, irrelevant, taboo, or just unthinkable." (...) daily facts about capitalism seem boring, irrelevant, etc., to most people because they’re not part of a story. They’re like baseball scores when you don’t know anything about baseball’s rules (...) understanding the story of capitalism is like understanding all of that about baseball, plus having a team to root for, and realizing that, if your team loses, you’re going to die. This makes the business section much more exciting."

Back here for good. Twatter has become too toxic in these times.
Expect some rants but also some good humour to lift our spirits.

"Our" governments have chosen if their priority is the protection of our lives and of those that we love, or "the economy" (read their tax intake and the spivs' profits).
Think about it.
Then decide if this is the Government you want.
The society you want.
The economy you want.

We are all expendables, sacrificial offers to the false god of money.
You angry yet?

How much more does it take to convince you that most of our "leaders" are deranged sociopaths that should be locked in a padded cell?

According to recent figures, extrapolated from the ballot to elect their leader, there are just above 10,800 Conservative Party members in Scotland.
At a minimum, there are ten times as much SNP members.
Tell me again that the D'Hondt System - imposed by Westminster - that is used for assigning seats at Holyrood is "proportional".
I dare you.

As I have told you, many European leaders and leaders of European countries, that could not speak freely before the deadline, are now openly inviting an Independent Scotland in the EU.
An Independence Referendum or other event in 2020 sanctioning this is all that's needed.
The door is open, just walk through.

I just felt some kind of disturbance, like if the Matrix just had a glitch.
Something happened?

Do you remember I said that there's more gain to be had for Yes targeting those that do not vote, rather than those that voted No?
Now that it's proven by an official poll and there is a graph that visually illustrates I AM RIGHT, can we get on with it, please?

That's how it's done, folks.
Less grumbling on social media, more street protests.
Get out there, wave your placards, distribute those flyers, scream your dissent.
The powerful only bow before those that express even more power.
Macron Scraps Proposal to Raise Retirement Age in France - The New York Times

31/01/2020 is just around the corner.
I have nosed around in other nations' press for some time: I'm confident enough to stick my neck out and make a prediction.
Expect a swift change of tone from everyone towards England and Westminster right after the deadline.
The usual suspects have been issued a truckload of gagging orders, which they will gleefully abide to. Ignore.
You'll need to look at foreign and independent media.
Follow them and repost everywhere.
Don't hate the media, be the media.

Someone high up has lost contact with the base. It possibly happened when the party changed from a small core of determined, passionate people to a mass party of government.
The vehicle to Scottish Independence has just failed its MOT. Do we fix it or do we buy a new one?

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The chicken are coming back to roost.
I've said the Scots needed a leader for the Independence movement that was unburdened by official roles almost a year ago.
And the Rev. Stuart Campbell (Wings Over Scotland) explained that a referendum in 2020 was a pipe dream.
He was attacked and I was ignored.
The different treatment not based on merit but on the weight of followers.

Leading independence campaigners back new Yes Scotland group | The National

The BritNazi Establishment stoogette vying for the position of leader of the Labour Party Wreckage that shat on DruNeil's carpet threatening Scots with a Franchist Spain baton treatment, forgot that when a terrorist in a suicide vest rammed an SUV full of gas canisters, on fire, into the Glasgow airport lobby, he got his head smashed in and a kicking to an inch of his life by a bare handed Glesga baggage handler.
Don't tease us, Nandy, with a promise of such good times. 😈

Ok folks, this is the result.
What is your take?
Mine is that 37% believe that using the BritNazi Establishment legal system to defeat the BritNazi Establishment is a way out.
I shall remind them that the UK moved the goalposts, making a perfectly legitimate (at the time) Act of the Scottish Parliament completely null and void, just changing its competences retroactively. And the UK Courts at all levels upheld that.
To legally challenge the BritNazi Establishment we must go above their heads.

In response to the BritNazi stooges spouting rubbish about "a decisive vote in 2014" that would have ended the debate "for a generation", the retort is simple.
"If democracy can be locked frozen on a specific vote of choice, now devoid of significance and invalidated by subsequent events, we Scots demand you respect our 2015 GE vote and give us 56 MPs, our 2016 EURef vote and fuck off with your Brexshit, and our 1997 vote for our Parliament and fuck off with your Westminster."
See them squirm.

As eagerly expected, BoJo The Clown has buried his mop head in the sand and said "Naw".
What's the next move, folks?

To all the fine folks that follow me on this side of the mad planet we have been flung on, thanks for sharing with me this voyage towards our rightful place.
2020: It's Time.

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