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Someone high up has lost contact with the base. It possibly happened when the party changed from a small core of determined, passionate people to a mass party of government.
The vehicle to Scottish Independence has just failed its MOT. Do we fix it or do we buy a new one?

The chicken are coming back to roost.
I've said the Scots needed a leader for the Independence movement that was unburdened by official roles almost a year ago.
And the Rev. Stuart Campbell (Wings Over Scotland) explained that a referendum in 2020 was a pipe dream.
He was attacked and I was ignored.
The different treatment not based on merit but on the weight of followers.

Leading independence campaigners back new Yes Scotland group | The National

The BritNazi Establishment stoogette vying for the position of leader of the Labour Party Wreckage that shat on DruNeil's carpet threatening Scots with a Franchist Spain baton treatment, forgot that when a terrorist in a suicide vest rammed an SUV full of gas canisters, on fire, into the Glasgow airport lobby, he got his head smashed in and a kicking to an inch of his life by a bare handed Glesga baggage handler.
Don't tease us, Nandy, with a promise of such good times. 😈

Ok folks, this is the result.
What is your take?
Mine is that 37% believe that using the BritNazi Establishment legal system to defeat the BritNazi Establishment is a way out.
I shall remind them that the UK moved the goalposts, making a perfectly legitimate (at the time) Act of the Scottish Parliament completely null and void, just changing its competences retroactively. And the UK Courts at all levels upheld that.
To legally challenge the BritNazi Establishment we must go above their heads.

In response to the BritNazi stooges spouting rubbish about "a decisive vote in 2014" that would have ended the debate "for a generation", the retort is simple.
"If democracy can be locked frozen on a specific vote of choice, now devoid of significance and invalidated by subsequent events, we Scots demand you respect our 2015 GE vote and give us 56 MPs, our 2016 EURef vote and fuck off with your Brexshit, and our 1997 vote for our Parliament and fuck off with your Westminster."
See them squirm.

As eagerly expected, BoJo The Clown has buried his mop head in the sand and said "Naw".
What's the next move, folks?

To all the fine folks that follow me on this side of the mad planet we have been flung on, thanks for sharing with me this voyage towards our rightful place.
2020: It's Time.

Between Indian, Scottish and Spanish waves, the New Year's Eve dish on Mastodon has been reformulated in "Paella all'Haggis with Curry '' #xp #foods #Internationalism #WeAreOne #Planet


Tra ondate indiane, scozzesi e spagnole, il piatto di capodanno su Mastodon è stato riformulato in ''Paella all'Haggis con Curry''



I have accidentally started reading an article from the Yorkshire Post because I misread the title on Google News - it's half past midnight, indulge me.
An ex Tory MP regurgitating the usual claptrap, so boring and thoroughly debunked that I stopped reading at the end of the first paragraph. Yes, really.
I have little gripe with partisan politics, but papers publishing unchallenged lies has gone past my tolerance threshold.
It's time to submerge presstitutes printing lies with court papers.

Please don't come here to vent about Twitter's backlash against supporters of Scottish Independence.
We have dominated social media for years. Now the BritNazi Establishment is staring down our double barrel so they're trying to silence us.
It's a sign we're in a new stage of our fight. Full frontal impact is imminent; regroup and tighten the ranks.
Stop wasting time with unionists: after so many years they're a lost cause.
Reach to the many that still think it's business as usual.

It's Christmas. 🎄
Be merry and smile.
Put your worries aside and relax.
Enjoy your friends and family.
If you have anything spare (food, drinks, time, love) give it generously.
Believe in the future.
Believe in the love that conquers all.
Believe in yourself.
Believe in Scotland. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

All Scots will never agree on everything, how could they?

In Scotland there will be liberals, conservatives, Greens, socialists, and many other sorts of political views.

But the one thing there won’t be in an independent Scotland are Scottish nationalists because the sort of nationalism that Yes brings ends itself when it gets the nation it aspires to.

This is nothing like the kind of nationalism coming from Johnson and his helpers which is about exceptionalism and xenophobia.

Example N°5: Scottish banks were saved by UK's "Broad Shoulders".

There are no Scottish Banks. Their trade names have no connection with the Scottish state.

BoS and HBoS are worldwide banking giants with their headquarters in Scotland but exposure and trade everywhere.
They received bailouts from the countries where they were financially exposed.

Scottish taxpayers paid an amount that would have been the same if BoS and HBoS were Scottish banks with exclusively Scottish financial exposure.

Example N°4: Scotland will be a small country all alone by itself.

At worst it's disgusting gaslighting, at best is a projection of their deepest fears about their own future.

Identifying as British, they might lie to themselves and be in denial, but their fear of Brexshit making them the world's pariah has made its way in their unconscious mind, so they're afraid of this.

Scotland is world famous in its own right, has world renowned exports and a positive balance of trade (export > import).

Example N°3; Scotland's deficit (again)

Arguing about an Independent Scotland's financial position with data pertaining to its performance while part of a very unequal union is so financially illiterate that it can be dismissed out of hand.

It's like evaluating your potential financial position as an independent adult using the financials (income and expenditure) of your family household.

It's stupid beyond belief, and exposes the unionists' mental block and immaturity.

Example N°2: Scotland's deficit.

Every country on the planet runs a deficit.
That's normal. It's expected.

Only exception, Norway.
A small nation owning approximately 50% of North Sea Oil&Gas fields, that wisely established an Oil Fund.
Without touching the accumulated capital, Norway is using the interest accrued yearly to balance their budget and provide exceptional services to its residents.

Even starting today, Scotland could be in the same position by year 5.

Example N°1: when they're threatening Scotland with a border, it's their warmongering, confrontational concept border that scares them.

Rational people are not scared of borders.
Borders are made to be crossed and unite different countries, while keeping them coherent within themselves.

A border doesn't complicate things: it codifies them.

It's the opposite, muddled "Union" of something that's not uniform that creates strife, confrontation, confusion and resent.

First suggestion for our Indy Ambassadors: remember that the Unionist arguments against independence are always (always!) exposing their deepest fears.
A few examples follow.

Just a wee warning to those following the hashtag that registered in the larger instance: you can migrate to the instance.
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